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Government Shut Down
The government of 2013 occurred revolving around the issue to approve the funding of the Federal Fiscal Year for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The House of Representatives was led by the Republicans and the Senate was led by the Democrat’s. Certain members of the Republican Party known as The Tea Party were totally against the bill being past. When the bill was sent to the House of Representatives for approval they would reword the bill and send it over to the Senate. Rewording included wording that would either delay the bill or abolish The Affordable Care Act all together. When the Senate would receive the bill after changes they would deny it and the process would have to start all over again. This process when on back and forth up until the deadline of September 30, 2013. Since the bill had not been approved the beginning of the fiscal year began on October 1, 2013 and the two legislative houses had not agreed the new funding to those departments was closed. All the government departments not covered by the Antideficiency Act did not receive the funds for them to operate and were therefore closed and would remain closed until an agreement was meet which was not until October 17, 2013. Congress has expressed and implied power and in order for funding to be issued to the receiving party the Congress must appropriate the money from the budget, this process is known as the power of the purse. Since the United States Constitutio...

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