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Jammu & Kashmir Government & Politics went through various historical phases that have a significant forbearance on the current state. After independence of India in the year 1947, the need for a sovereign government in the country was felt. Jammu & Kashmir was amongst the many princely states of the nation at that time and was under the rule of Raja Hari Singh who was the grandson of the great MaharajaGulabSingh. 

In the year 1948, Hari Singh demanded a national assembly which will comprised of many constituencies of the state of Jammu & Kashmir. He also emphasized on the electoral procedures under which each and every territory of the valley would become eligible for casting its vote by following the secret ballot box system. 

After a long array of discussions with the Indian government, the state of Jammu & Kashmir finally achieved the identity of a separate constituent assembly in 1951. Ever since its formation, the Jammu & Kashmir constituent assembly is functioning to bring greater and better levels of developments in the valley. 

The present framework of the government of Jammu & Kashmir consists of state legislative assembly and a legislative council. Chief minister, Governor, chief secretary, cabinet ministers and members of the legislative council collectively take decisions on various issues related to the state of Jammu & Kashmir.  The state of Jammu and Kashmir has historically consisted of four political regions. Ladakh towards the east bordering China, Jammu towards the south bordering India and Pakistan, Kashmir Valley towards the east bordering Pakistan and Baltistan areas towards the North bordering China and Pakistan. Baltistan and a part of Kashmir Valley are under Pakistan control. The state of Jammu and Kashmir is the most troubled part of the country facing with daily cross border terrorism fatalities. The rift between India and Pakistan has been an issue since a very long time. The political situation is extremely grave in this state with people is constant fear of getting killed and being victims of the duel between the Indian army and the militants. Like all the states of India, Indian controlled parts of Jammu and Kashmir have a multi-party democratic system of governance. Main political parties include the Jammu & Kashmir National Conference (NC), the Indian National Congress (Congress), Bharatiya Janata Party and the Jammu and Kashmir People's Democratic Party (PDP). The Constitution of India grants Jammu and Kashmir special autonomous status as a temporary provision through Article 370, which was never fully implemented. However, some Muslim Kashmiris demand greater autonomy and sovereignty and some even demand independence from India, while some non-Muslims would like to see the state fully integrated into India. There has also been a number of separatist movements, both political and militant, mostly led by hard-line Muslim leaders. However, in recent years Kashmiri Muslims have been leaning towards being in India due to economic reasons. Jammu and Kashmir is the only Indian state that has its own flag. Designed by the Government of India, the state flag of Jammu and Kashmir is the native plough on a red background which is a symbol of labour. The three stripes represent the three administrative divisions of the state, namely Jammu, Valley of Kashmir, and Ladakh.

Jammu and Kashmir Economy

The Jammu and Kashmir Economy depends mostly on traditional form of occupation. Unaffected and unaltered by modern day industrial developments and changing times, the indigenous traditional occupations of farming, animal husbandry and horticulture forms the backbone of the economy of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. A state affected by continued violence and insurgency, the economy of Jammu and Kashmir is an undeveloped one. However in the recent years, the government of Jammu and Kashmir has taken several significant steps to strengthen the financial condition of the state and improve the standard of living of the indigenous local inhabitants. Farming is one of the predominant economic activities of the state. The majority of the native population depends on primitive forms of shifting agriculture. The valleys of the region form suitable grounds to grow various kinds of crops that earn a large chunk of revenue for the state. Another important economic activity of the state of Jammu and Kashmir is animal husbandry. Apart from farming the undulating lands of the state, most of the local inhabitants also keep many animals like sheep. Sheep rearing is an important industry of the region. The fine quality of wools produced by the sheep are used for weaving colorful and attractive woolen carpets, shawls and other woolen garments that form an integral part of the handloom products of the state. The other important economic activity of Jammu and Kashmir is horticulture. Horticulture is one of the budding industries of the state that earns large revenue. The favorable weather helps in the production of many kinds of fruits. The state government of Jammu and Kashmir has turned its attention to the various infrastructural amenities of the region. Roads, power, health, primary education and water supply are some of the important areas that need the urgent attention of the state government. The Jammu and Kashmir farming is an important economic activity of the state. The majority of the indigenous local population of Jammu and Kashmir depends on agriculture and its related activities to earn their livelihood. Most of the districts of Jammu and Kashmir are unaffected and unaltered by the industrial developments of the modern era. With no other major source of income, a good number of the indigenous population of the state depends on the traditional occupation of tilling the land. The salubrious weather and fertile land of Jammu and Kashmir produces several crops that help the state to earn a large amount of revenue. The state government of Jammu and Kashmir has taken many decisive steps in the field of farming and allied activities to increase the agricultural productivity of the region. The Department of Agriculture of Jammu and Kashmir imparts the farmers of the state with modern technological knowledge of growing variety of crops. One of the most important departments of the government of Jammu and Kashmir, the Department of Agriculture has brought about a drastic change in the economic scenario of the state. Headed by Secretary and Principal Advisor of the Ministers of the Department of Agriculture, the government of Jammu and Kashmir has devised several modern technologies to improve the quality and quantity of pulses and oilseeds production. The Department of Agriculture also takes note of the proper distribution of pesticides, fertilizers and improved quality of seeds to the agriculturists of Jammu and Kashmir. Under the strict supervision and able guidance of the Department of Agriculture, the...

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