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Aids Manmade Disease Not Us Government Doesn T Want You Know Essay

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AIDS by modest estimation can be characterized as the 21st Century answer to the plague. The question most inevitably arises upon whether or not the virus that causes AIDS, HIV, was man made or a natural outbreak. Religious thinkers point to the ever worsening moral landscape of society that brought on God's wrath in the form of AIDS. Conspiracy Theorists however point to the many hearsay rumors from former Fort Detrick workers that AIDS was created as the ultimate biological weapon and was tested on gays and the African American Drug Using population. Upon all this speculation one thing about AIDS is made abundantly clear, and that is there is still no published cure for it yet and it has killed millions worldwide.

Let us delve into a brief study about the U.S. Biological Weapon's program and how has it evolved to make it one the prime suspects in the societies' answer to the origin of the AIDS virus. One ex...

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