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Spotlighting Municipal Governments In Texas Essay

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Tashia Walker
Professor Steven Tran
Government 2301
10 December 2012

Spotlighting Municipal Governments in Texas
Home to the famous historical Alamo, San Antonio Texas has a metropolitan appeal. One of the most populated cities in Texas today. Currently, it has a significant growth span in terms of national demography in the United States. Its population is about 1 million people and rising. From 2000-2010, it was the fastest growing city in United States top ten largest cities. The location of the city is strategic since it falls within the Texas Triangle. The city of San Antonio is the seat of Bexar County. The city, just like most urban areas, has most of its population in the city with few people living outside the environs of the city. The city’s municipality is the renowned San Antonio, which covers the New Braunfels region. The metropolitan area has a population of about two million in reference to the census conducted in 2011 United States census estimate. This makes the metropolitan area the 24th largest area in U.S. besides, within the state of Texas, it comes as the third largest (Kraemer, Charldean and David 100). The city of San Antonio has unique governance defined by a council-Manager setup. The city is divided into ten council district...

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