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Web2.0 is a hottest topic among the different companies; many companies using web2.0 application to interact and stay connect with their online customers and users. Moreover its Sales2.0, Marketing2.0, Enetrprise2.0, and Supply Chain 2.0. This research paper is about the impact of web2.0 technology and how web2.0 helps different departments of organization to provide them benefit in term of business. For this we apply different web2.0 application with different model such as TAM, TPB and Nike inc. Case studies.Web2.0 can helps different companies to achieving their future goals. Keywords: Nike Inc, TAM, TPB, CRM2.0, Web2.0, SCM2.0 Case Studies. INTRODUCTION:

Internet before the concept of the web2.0 is very difficult, in fact it is very tricky to interact with others, internet is only use for different chatting software’s like msn or yahoo messengers, but web2.0 not only changes life for consumer, but also useful as a prospectus of organizations. it helps to attach with each other anywhere in the world, web2.0 includes wiki’s, blogs, now a day’s web2.0 providing a lot of benefits in different fields in marketing2.0, sales 2.0, hrm2.0, scm2.0 and according to the (Almeida, 2012)Mostly social networks site like face book, twitter is more than 100 million visitors in a month. (Almeida, 2012). For sure at the end of 2015 web3.0 will be introduced which open the new era for the organizations and consumers where the concept of virtual 3d world will appears. Nike is the one of the most famous brand in the world, founded in 1968. It is famous not only for their athletic footwear’s but also making sports bags and others different sports equipments. Nike’s online business is growing day by day, in 1999 company use website to sale their products online via internet. Today, Nike finds out the new innovative way to become a perfect athletic product and new innovative communication ways to interact with their consumers, including becoming an official partner of the National Football League (NFL) starts in 2012. Social CRM/ CRM2.0 is basically software which allows organizations to manage a customer relationship in a organized way, Nike Inc. focusing on CRM2.0 system, to make good and strong relations which their customers, TAM is on other hand according to the sources TAM is all about the adoption and acceptance of different IT technologies(Davis, 1989)as summarized by (Chih Chen, HanLi and YILI, 2011), TAM introduced two concepts, Perceived Usefulness(more related to the job recital) and Perceived ease of use( more related to the utilize of system, which is easy to manage). (Chih Chen, HanLi and YILI, 2011) According to the resources Davis; Venkatesh(2000), Introduced TAM2 based on a bases of TAM. There are two types of model (Social Influence Process, Cognitive Instrumental Process), those were very important to understand the study of acceptance. (Wu et al., 2011), more over Venkatesh (2003), basic aim of the UTAUT is to define the user how to use IS. There are four predicators of behavioral objective or usage (Performance Expletory Effort; Social Influence and Condition) (Payng and Curtis, 2008) TPB (Mathies, (1991); todds;Taylor (1995), has been used in different fields of IT and it consists of three variables; Attitudes, Subjective norms, Perceived behavior control. Attitude:

It is defined as the positive or negative feeling towards the behavior. Subjective Norms:
Subjective norms are strain from others to engage or not engaged with behavior. Perceived Behavior Control:
This reflected people’s behavior perceptions of their aptitude to use achieve a given behavior. Web2.0 introduced in 2004 by Tim O’Reilly, referred second generation of the world wide web, where ma...

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