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Web 2.0

The World Wide Web 2.0 is focused on the ability for people to collaborate and

share information online. It's a platform for communication with a emphasis on web-

based communities of users and more open sharing of information. You don't need to

check the front page of a specific paper or magazine if something major happens or if

someone writes a particularly interesting article. Other big elements of Web 2.0 are the

web services and blogs, amateurs in the writing and journalism world can surpass

professionals and we are able to see wider perspectives and opinions on topics from the

average person. Web 2.0 is organized and generated by the users who upload photos

blogs, videos, post, express, and share information. Trust in media is at an all time low,

the media and press we see today pose as a challenge for democracy and its not good

for our republic when the people feel lied too or are being feed with false information.

Web 2.0 displays what is important to Americans with fairness weather they are

celebrities, professionals, elites, or the common person. The Fourt...

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