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Is The Internet Safe For Children Essay

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Melinda VanPelt
Ms. Jan Rozich
English 111 1BA
16 November, 2008
Is the Internet Safe for Children?
A lot of parents think that their children are safe surfing the internet. When in reality children can be exposed to all kinds of different types of things that are not safe for them on the internet. From pornography, child pornography, child abduction, child abuse, video games, videos, cyber-bullying, online chat rooms and social sites such as; MySpace, tagged, hi5, facebook and many other social sites. Parents ask is it really possible for my child to get hurt from surfing the internet? In actual reality it is possible if the children aren’t educated about all the dangers of being on the internet.

The chat rooms are full of kids and adults of all ages that can be downright mean and cruel. Children tend to be easier to get them to trust a person, than an adult. Any sick pervert or internet predator can get online and talk to a child for awhile and be very nice to them, get the child to trust them. Then they could talk the child into either giving them their real name, address or what town they live in, or even their telephone number so that the internet predator can find the child and possibly hurt, kill or abduct the child from their own home or anywhere the child might go to alone. On there was a sixteen year old girl that became missing. Her family posted that she was missing on her tagged site. They said that she had been talking to this older guy on there. They found out that she was supposed to go meet him on the day she became missing. Of course he denies ever meeting with her. But her family believes that this man had something to do with her being missing. The family still doesn’t have a clue as to where she is or what even happened to this beautiful young lady. Another example is two teenage boys were arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting two teenage girls they met on the social networking web site MySpace in East Haven. The sixteen and seventeen year old girls meet with the eighteen and nineteen year old boys in a pre arranged...

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