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Security On The Internet Term Paper Essay

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Security on the Internet: Problems and Solutions
Annotated Outline and Bibliography
Louis O. Rollins
Excelsior College- Albany, NY
BUS 570- Information Technology
14 November 2014
Dr. Wayne Brown

Businesses now need to connect and stay connected to partners and prospective partners to achieve the desired effects that will make all their transactions successful. LAN, (Local Area Networks), VPN (virtual private networks) and of course the new trending wireless networks are some of the principle ways that businesses are communicating with their customers, vendors and partners. The security problems with the internet (LAN, VPN and wireless) with regards to viruses, spyware, malware, and worms are a significant problem for employers, business owners and individuals. There have been attacks on networks all over the world and this had and will continue to impact businesses everywhere. Employers and employees need to know how to implement safety measures against these attacks.

The internet has become a significant factor in the business world as all aspects of doing business have migrated to the internet. Where did the internet come from and who created it? The internet was first introduced to the world circa August 1991; the World Wide Web was made available to the general public by Tim Berners-Lee. Use of the internet grew exponentially from there giving everyone access to information across the globe. Access to the internet opened up many lucrative business ventures across the world. Unfortunately the web was not a perfect creation and soon there were people who realized that they could secretly access other users’ information and cause substantial damage to the system or the individual. This paper will examine some of the threats that are encountered by the Raldally Corporation during their business transactions on the internet and examine possible security solutions for the company. We will look at the viewpoints from the user to the supervisors as they use and deal with potential problems with security on all nets. We have to keep in mind that these issues are related to all information technology that drives the company revenue and daily operations. Company summary: The Raldally Corporation

The Raldally Corporation is an American technology company that specializes in the sale of services and merchandise to acquire and manage private sector and government contracts. Founded in 1989 in Clarksville, Tennessee, the services include but are not limited to: 1. OCONUS (Outside the Continental United States) and CONUS (Continental United States) training and advisory service missions that are focused on training organizations on newly purchased equipment from the company or another source. 2. Advisory services that assist the customers on applications of new equipment to include certain other applications that require active participation by the customer in numerous scenarios that replicate real-world incidences. 3. Merchandise, which includes non-prescription preventative medicines and the containers for storage and use in urban and rural austere environments, commercial-grade survival, military-law enforcement style uniforms and accessories. These include flashlights, equipment containers, tents, backpacks, equipment belts, navigation aids, and training software. The corporation has had numerous problems with viruses and other malware programs in the network servers. One attack stopped business operations for six hours. The network IT department had briefed everyone on the use of the LAN system and they had even held initial briefings on the new trend of BYOD (Bring your own device) that involves doing some tasks on the employees’ smartphones. This concept was introduced in response to employee input that indicated that they could be more efficient, doing simple company transactions, on their personal smartphones. Advent of the Internet and the start of cyber-attacks:

We know that the internet or the World Wide Web became publicly available on 6 August 1991. This started a new technology that would fundamentally change the world as we know it. Tim Berners-Lee is credited with the creation of the World Wide Web. Berners-Lee proposed that the internet be used for a variety of purposes such as online help, news schemes, and project documentation to name a few. This proposal went through various editions and then on 6 August 1991 the World Wide Web went public to not a lot of news coverage and fanfare because people didn’t know what the internet was and what it could do for them. There is a quote from Berners-Lee about the internet that is still posted on Google Groups. “The World Wide web (WWW) project merges the techniques of information retrieval and hypertext to make an easy but powerful global information system. The project started with the philosophy that much academic information should be freely available to anyone. It aims to allow information sharing within internationally dispersed teams and the dissemination of information by support groups.” From here the internet began developing very quickly, the first image was uploaded in 1992 and in 1993 the WWW was announced to be free for everyone to use with no fees payable. This was the key factor that would allow the internet to take off in exponential leaps and bounds. The advent of the internet wasn’t without a downside in the form of cyber-attacks. Cyber-attacks are defined as the deliberate breaching of an entity’s computer system with the intent of stealing intellectual property or financial resources; disabling or manipulating a computer or network, or causing other damage or disruption to a computer driven system. These attacks are real and have been a part of the internet since its inception. The following is a short timeline of incidents of cyber-attacks that happened throughout the history of the internet. This is just a highlight of some of the cyber-attacks there are many more not listed here: 1. 1988: An internet worm shuts down about 10% of the world’s internet servers; it is the first occurrence of an internet worm. Robert Tappan Morris, a student at Cornell University released the worm. Morris is arrested and convicted under the computer fraud and abuse act, he is the first person to be tried and convicted under the act. 2. 1994: Computers at the Rome air department Center at Griffiss Air Force Base in New York are attacked 150 times by anonymous hackers using “sniffer” programs to steal login credentials and sensitive information from a lab that conducts research on artificial intelligence. 3. 1998: The Air Force Computer Emergency Response Team in San Antonio, Texas noticed intrusions into their computer networks from several academic institutions including Harvard University. The hackers were three teenagers; th...

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