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Internet Change Our Life Essay

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Mario S Gay

ILR 260

Professor Alma Lili S. Burgoa

13 March 2013

Working Knowledge Report

Week 1 formation of research question:

Now that most people can just sign up into a website and meet people off the internet, what are some of the dangers associated with meeting people electronically?


“Many of us have had the experience of going in search of a specific piece of information only to fall down the rabbit hole and find ourselves, an hour later, reading something entirely unrelated to our original search” Elias Aboujaoude, (Virtually you, p 214).This is how, sometimes, some people fall prey of some sort an online dating sites from which encounters can be as dangerous as criminals. In Fact, just as practically in any aspect of life, there are folks out there who will use the internet as their primary means of getting new acquaintances. However, some of these new acquaintances can be potentially dangerous. The internet is considered to be a venue through which people otherwise extraordinary reserved and diverse may communicate with convenience. The idea of meeting people o...

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