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Purchasing Pattern Of Consumers Using Internet Essay

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In this ever changing environment the consumer taste and preference also changes thus a regular check needs to be kept on; the data related to consumer purchasing pattern will help the company to identify the product category they need to focus more and devise better strategy on behalf of their clients and also provide better consultancy to their clients. The following project studies the purchasing pattern of consumers who make purchase using internet and also find which type of online promotion technique consumers get most influenced by and which product category as per their opinion is under marketed or needs to be promoted in a better manner on internet space. For the following research a data of 200 respondents is collected through direct questionnaire filling and mailed questionnaire method and sample of target audience is selected on the basis of purposive sampling technique.



2.1 Primary Objectives
To judge the purchasing pattern of consumers using internet as a medium of purchase for the mentioned product categories: i. Travel (Train tickets, Flight tickets, Hotel booking, etc.) ii. Entertainment (Movie tickets, IPL Tickets, Theatre show tickets, DJ Nights, etc.) iii. Electrical Appliances (Television, Trimmers, Iron, Inverter, etc.) iv. Clothes & Accessories (Shirts, Pants, Belts, Sunshades, Shoes, etc.) v. Mobiles, Laptops & Accessories (Tablets, Earphones, Hard-disk, Pendrive, etc.)

* Find which product category consumers spend most on?
* Frequency of purchase of for each of the mentioned product category. * Which type of online advertisement they get most influenced by? * Which product category consumers feel if is under-marketed through the use of internet?

2.2 Research Design
* The data will be collected using questionnaire method. It will be collected through direct questionnaire filling and also by means of mailed questionnaire in which the respondents can fill the questionnaire and revert back when done. * The collected data will be organized and presented in pie-chart form.

2.3 Sample Design
* The data is collected through purposive sampling technique. * The research considers a sample size of 200 people.
* Most preferably from age group of 18-27.
* The target audience represents Delhi and NCR region.

2.4 Limitations
* The data collected consists of 200 respondents thus it may not be the actual representation of whole of population of selected region for study. * The data collected is bound to time constraint.

* The research is based on collection of data from primary sources thus is prone to biasness and also has its own limitations. * The data is collected through purposive sampling technique i.e. specific target respondents are interviewed who may be able to give a better response.



Internet has become the necessity of life. As a medium of communication it has surpassed almost every other medium of communicating. The latest example being discontinuation of Telegram services in India. Internet has a wide reach, growing at faster pace than anything else, is the fastest medium of communication and much more. These benefits of internet are used by marketers for reaching their target audience and making a bigger impact. Thus, the marketing technique used here is Digital Marketing. Digital marketing is the marketing through the use of digital devices such as Computers, laptops, Mobiles, Tablets, Digital Billboards, Gaming Consoles, etc. The major objective being the engagement of customers and other business partners. It is mainly done through the internet by using various digital channels such as Emails, Social Media Marketing, PPC(Pay Per Click) Marketing, SEO(Search Engine Optimization) Link Building, etc. Apart from dependence on internet the field of digital marketing includes a whole lot of elements such as mobile phones or cell phones, display / banner ads, sms /mms, digital outdoor, and many more. But like always the consumer taste and preferences, their purchasing patterns, their behavior keeps changing. Thus for marketers, there is a need to constantly monitor and keep a record of these changes so as to analyze, interpret, decide upon new or changed strategies so as to tackle changing demands of consumers before you get eliminated out of the competition. The knowledge of consumer purchasing pattern is important as the data from provide the insight that 70% of marketers feel that they are not able to leverage the value of their customer data insights, 50% report that their organization fail to analyze the large amount of digital marketing data, 82% feel that digital marketing will provide better customer behavior insights than any other type of marketing and 40% agree that they lack the ability to communicate the benefits of digital marketing to management.


4.1 Company Profile
3HD Media
3HD Media is a digital media agency offering digital services such as Mobile based streaming, Location based advertising, Bluetooth advertising, Internet advertising, Video SMS, Video mails, WiFi advertising, Product launches, Social media, Regional voice SMS, Mobile video training, etc. 3HD Media has absorbed the best technological brains in the country and bought them under one roof so that both advertisers and brand could benefit from the latest digital media technologies. It’s an effort of the experts who have strived hard to develop various mobile applications, one of them being Mobile Video Streaming that allows you an instant access to a particular content in a usable and appropriate format on any mobile phone. It is also the only organization owning the software for Mobile Video Streaming for transmitting TV on Mobile and that too on a 2G network delivering 18 frames per second(as good as norm...

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