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My Educational Philosophy

“Education is growth and the focal point for the individual as well as society; it is a never-ending process of life and the more refined the guiding philosophy the better the quality of educational process (Ornstein, Pajak, & Ornstein, 2011).” This statement was made evident during my 12th grade language arts class. During this course, we were given a research project where we had to create a business, tell what product or service we would providing to the community, who the company would benefit , and interview people in a similar business of our own. When completing my assignment, I chose to create a mentor program funded by the state for teens to discuss major issues they face. I got a chance to make brochures about my company, administer surveys to my peers, visit teen health centers, type a report and present my findings to classmates. I was extremely proud of my creation and all the information I learned, and I was more engaged in the assignment ...

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