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‘The care and the support that we provide for he most of their lives’ How successful are health and/or social care services in achieving this aim? Whilst the term care and support is frequently used, what does it really mean? Care and support enables people to do the everyday things that most of us take for granted: things like getting out of bed, dressed and into work, cooking meals and being part of our communities. It might include emotional support at a time of difficulty or stress, or helping people who are caring for a family member or friend. It can mean support from community groups and networks (Caring for our future, 2006). The care and support system is complex and can be confusing, with many organisations involved in assessment, arrangement and provision of care. Health and Social Care resources are services that most people will access at particular time in their life in order to improve their quality of life. This essay will focus on the health and social aspects of care/ support and will discuss if present provisions and the challenges this can involve. Using the case study of A Malik who is 54 and suffering from Type 2 diabetes, this essay will demonstrate how for both A and C’s experience of health and social care has impacted on their family’s everyday functioning and how it is enabling them the make the most of their life.

According to Joyce Cavaye; accessing services in a complex process and is often prompted by carer experiencing a crisis in some sort (Twigg and Aktin, 1994). This was clearly demonstrated in C’s situation as sh...

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