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Website Migration Project Essay

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Term Paper: Website Migration Project
Strayer University
CIS 210 (Systems Analysis Development)
16 June 2014

Discuss what it will take to build a web architecture, move an existing website with minimal downtime, and provide a disaster recovery solution to ensure the site is always available. A new independent company has recently purchased Tony’s Chips and the new leadership has decided to move the website to an internally hosted site instead of the current external hosted site. The new leadership is also requiring that a back-up site is available as they are very concerned about redundancy for the site. In addition to the migration of the website from an external host to an internal host the website will need to be redesigned in order to allow customers to order and purchase products online. In order to build the architecture, migrate the existing website along with adding the ability for the customers to place orders online and providing for redundancy of the site the system development life cycle (SDLC) will be used. The SDLC consists of five phases that will be utilized in this project and the five phases are systems planning, systems analysis, systems design, systems implementation, and systems support and security. When building a web architecture the first and possibly most important step in the process is the systems planning phase. The reason this is possibly the most important step in the process is that this is the time when you will gather all of the information required in order to build an architecture that will be successful and meet all of the requirements established by the leadership. The systems planning phase is also the time when you will establish the foundation of the project and the decisions made at this time will have an effect on the rest of the steps encountered when developing and implementing the new system. As an IT professional you must familiarize yourself with the business practices in order to build an architecture that will meet the requirements of being hosted internally, having redundancy built in, and also allowing the customers to purchase the products online. This is also the phase where a feasibility study must be conducted to review the associated cost and benefits which will enable you to make recommendations on a specific course of action that takes into account all of the operational, economic, time and technical factors. The next phase in building a web architecture is the system analysis phase in which a logical model of the architecture will be built. It is during this phase when you will continue with the investigation that was started in the systems planning phase and you will perform interviews, surveys, observation, or document reviews to gather the facts and get an understanding of the system. During this phase you will create the system requirements document that will describe the costs and benefits associated with the system, the management and user requirements, and it will outline alternative development strategies. The next phase in the SLDC is the systems design phase in which a physical model is created that will satisfy all of the documented requirements. This is the time in building the architecture where the hardware as well as the systems software will be determined. During this phase the system design spe...

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