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Caret Internet Cafe Essay

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1. Executive Summary
Internet becomes one of the most important aspects in communication. Not only for browsing, do research, communicating, but also playing game and access social media. Internet already becomes a lifestyle, without it some people will get frustrated. Warnet are very popular in Indonesia, for they allow those who cannot afford computers the advantage of being online and participating in global communications," Rudy Rusdiah, the chairman of the Indonesian Internet  Kiosks Association (Awari) said. During the economic crisis in 2008, it was very difficult for a great number of the population to purchase a computer, let alone afford the cost of installing a phone line. The introduction of Internet cafes or kiosks and their growth in the nation has been beneficial to the public. There is a diverse variety of warnet in Jakarta. They range from the street-side computer terminals to plush cafe environments. In current situation, the competition of computer manufacturer and the increasing of income level of people in Jakarta made the situation a bit change; many of people can affordable computer, smart phone and mini gadgets become people choice to suitable with their needs. Still the need of internet connection is become bigger a line with the growth of population in Jakarta. This business plan will make a design of what internet cafe can provide as a new unique services that different with common warnet in the past. The price war of computer and electronic device make an affordable price for people to buy it, therefore focusing in providing computer is no longer effective in 2013. Instead the traffic of internet user is become an issue, for example the telkomsel 3g connection become bad and the price is high. Selling the internet connection itself can help people to get high speed connection for downloading, playing, browsing, and do their stuff. Most warnet in Indonesia providing their customer a computer access which is need extra capital for it. Usually warnet offer internet access and rent per hour for using that computer. The cost to invest and maintain the desktop is quite high comparing with the productivity income that one desktop can give. Moreover if the customer didn’t have the sense of belonging that will decrease the durable of computer. Because the rapid growing of technology and the price of electronic device is decrease easily after new technology appears, the consumptive of customer become booming and if investors follow to invest their money in electronic device such as computer the depreciation will dramatically go down. CARET Cafe Interne...

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