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Usefulness Of Internet Essay

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Imagine you were anywhere in the world, despite your location you would have access to at least one form of media; newspaper, television, telephone or the internet. Access to vast numbers of media has been made possible by our obsession with new technology. Communication is easier and we can experience outside of our immediate social surroundings. One electronic medium’s use has expanded at a remarkable rate, which is the internet. The internet has changed how we think as a society and how we communicate. Thanks to the internet, society young and old are consumed by the convenience of the internet. On the “web” there is something for everyone. The internet has no age limit. There are interactive games for preschoolers, for example Treehouse. For teens there are magazines that they can read online and social networking. Middle aged and adults have cooking websites and travel websites available to them. An elderly couple could be looking at real estate online for that house in Florida they have always wanted. The internet is literally a world of information for everyone. All it takes is one quick search on Google and the world is at your fingertips. The internet has changed everything; specifically it has replaced social interaction regarding political matters, personal ones in the business world. Given the broad range of opportunities the internet offers, it has a powerful impact on its users. The history of the internet, unlike other forms of media, is only beginning to be written. The internet is a product of an experiment called ARPANET, which created the first long-distance computer network and connected four sites in 1969. These sites happened to be four university campuses in the states; the University of California’s two campuses, the University of Utah and Stanford Unive...

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