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This chapter presents the background of the study statement of the problem, the significance of the study and its scope and delimitation. Background of the Study
Each day when browsing the Internet, people visit a lot of websites, some more complexes, and others-just simple personal pages. The term website represents a summary of all the content you have put online – each file takes part in what the website represents. And the driving powers behind the website, the pillars that hold it together, are the web pages. The researchers had observed that the ICCT website calendar structure is not updated according to the current and upcoming events of ICCT Colleges. The researchers aim is to conduct these studies to develop the calendar structure of the ICCT Colleges website. Another aim of the researchers is to make it useful to all the viewers of the said website and to have a remarkable progress in the event information. These studies will help the future researchers by providing them dependable information on the calendar structure of the website.

The researchers also acquire related information from previous studies regarding the website and its structure. Based on the recorded written information from website and its structure (Andrea: 2008. 81) when the developers develop one website structure they need to make it standard the data model of an event flexible and scalable enough to accommodate the requirements of most calendars in campuses or companies. It should allow users to manage their events stored in a central repository so it can be easily being shared with other campuses. They can also customize their calendar appearance to be visually compelling and dynamic web-based calendar for administrators, who do not have the resources to create their own, to have a design architecture consisting of a centralized event repository based on the event data model. This will provide calendar administrators more flexibility in maintaining their own website repository. (Leovista: 2005.102).

On a website, the pages are generated based on distinguishable templates according to their functions. That is to say, visually similar pages usually have the same function. In this way, users can easily identify a page’s function at a glance. Following are several typical layout templates identified from the ASP.NET Forums. Their functions are to show a) a list of discussion threads, b) a list of thread posts, and c) user profile, respectively. (Trinidad: 2004, 53).

Most web pages consist of HTML elements like table, menu, button, image, and input box. The layout of a web page describes what HTML elements are included in the page, as well as how these elements are visually distributed in page rendering. Essentially, a page layout is represented by a so called DOM (Document Object Model) tree. In this project, a layout template is considered as a group of pages which have very similar layouts (DOM trees).Almost every website on the Internet has a distinct design & organization structure. Experienced website designers usually create distinguishable layout templates for pages of different functions. They then organize the website by linking various pages with hyperlinks, each of which is represented by a URL string following some pre-defined syntactic patterns. This project is a reverse engineer to automatically discover the layout templates and URL patterns of a website, and understand how these templates and patterns are integrated to organize the website. To demonstrate the power of website structure understanding, this project also proposes some applications which leverage such site-level knowledge to help web search and data mining.

Statement of the Problem
This study will be conducted to develop the calendar structure of the ICCT Colleges’ website during the school year 2012-2013 as perceive by the IT students. Specifically the study will seek answers to the following questions. 1. What is the profile of the;

1.1 Student respondents in terms of:
a .Name
b. Age
2. What is the evaluation of student and teacher respondents in the developed calendar structure in terms of the following criteria; 2.1 Accuracy
2.2 Efficiency
2.3 Creativity
3. What are the recommendations of the teacher respondents for an efficient calendar structure?

Significance of the Study
This study will provide great help to those who are concerned with this subject. This is significant because of the benefits that it could offer to the following groups.
School Administrators.This study will help school administrator to make them convenient for everyday task. They can manage the event easily and it can save as their planner.
Teachers.This study will help to see and plan their own schedule if there is an event. They can get information about the daily event or happenings of the school they can easily determine the upcoming meetings through developing and evaluating the calendar of the ICCT Colleges web page.

Students.The developed calendar structure will help the current and future students of ICCT Colleges they become awareof the upcoming activities of the school . They can be up...

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