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Evaluating Websites For Credibility Essay

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The World Wide Web has become one of the most sought after sources of information for consumers since the mid 90’s for health education. They have leaned towards “the Web” in seeking information to help learn about details of different diseases, and in most cases help improve their health. As clinicians, we tend to use the Web as a tool to research current information on many health related topics. This is why it is very important for health educators and clinicians to be able to evaluate the websites being used by themselves and their patients for appropriateness of the website. Today, I am going to critique and evaluate the website for credibility. is operated by CTSNet, Inc. who is a non-profit organization which is jointly created by a four different participating thoracic surgeon organizations. This website is governed by a Board of Directors which consists of medical professionals, and is managed by an editorial board that is comprised of representatives from each of the participating organizations. CTSNET provides a clear mission statement which is to “advance education and collaboration in the global cardiothoracic surgical community through Internet resources.” CTSNET provides multiple viable sources for them to be contacted with concerns, comments, and suggestions. Being that they are a not for profit organization, the website gains the majority of their funding from...

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