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Swot Analysis Javanet Internet Cafe Essay

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SWOT Analysis: JavaNet Internet Cafe

Business Overview
JavaNet Internet Cafe is to be the first high tech internet cafe in Eugene, Oregon. The cafe will provide computer equipment, as well as high speed internet access as well as coffee and bakery items. The appeal of this company is to provide advanced internet services to the public that may not be affordable in home use. Also, the business plan includes a training staff to assist new internet users in learning the basics of the internet. The goal of this plan is to provide an upscale social and educational environment for those who desire internet access as well as social interaction and technical assistance. Strengths

JavaNet has sought out a knowledgeable staff who are eager to teach internet basics to new users. They have purchased state of the art equipment which will appeal to users who may not be able to afford the best equipment in their home or office. The company will offer a higher-class environment than other ...

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