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Rights And Wrongs Downloading Music Internet Free Essay

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Downloading Music

Nowadays, most people don't go to music stores to buy CDs anymore. So how are they going to listen to music? You probably have guessed it; they simply go on the Internet and download songs to their computers. It is very true and somewhat understandable, I means who would want waste their money to actually buy CDs from the music store than download songs for free? They will get the same quality music and entertainment pleasure for absolutely free.

Of course, to many people, downloading music from the web doesn't seem like an important matter. It might even be a must-do-everyday "chore" to them. However, many people don't realize the fact that downloading music from the Internet is against the law! People are breaking laws, copyright laws. This downloading from the Internet deal may not even be the worst thing they could do; sometimes people even download songs and make CD copies. The CDs would go on the black market and sell them on a lower price than the official CD, making th...

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