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Email Covlet For Weblink Essay

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Attached please find your role play materials for our email negotiation exercise that is due on Monday 1/12/15 by 5pm. You have been assigned the role of a (General Manager for Re-New, Inc. OR an attorney for Re-New Life , Inc.) Also included is a listing of partner assignments, as well as a copy of the Web Link settlement form. In addition to this material, you will want to visit the course Blackboard so you can download a copy of the Partner Reaction Form.

Exercise instructions are noted in the exercise material, as well as on the Web Link Partner As...

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1 1/12/15 10/23/04 2 5pm 9 addit address also alway ask assign attach attorney begin blackboard bring cheer class complet conduct confidenti contact contain conveni copi cours coverag covlet download dr due e e-mail email end enjoy everyon exercis final find folk form forward general good greet i.e inc includ influenc inform instruct k know learn let life line link list look luck mail manag materi maxim medium monday need negoti new next note one oppon opportun order out-of-class partner per person play pleas post prefer prepar professor provid question re re-new reaction recal rememb riley role saturday see session settlement sheet show strategi student subject sure syllabus team thank transcript two view visit want web weblink week well