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Name: Tyler Therrien
Period: 2
AP World History
WEBQUEST: Ancient Greece
Go to:
Greece for Kids!
Go to Background and read about how the Greek city-states broke into two camps that will result in the Peloponnesian War. Fill in the Table below identify what the aspirations of each family member are: Sparcus the

Polonia the Daughter
Sparcus the Elder
Trepula the
Patronus the
Zeus the

He is a proud Spartan and wants to succeed and defeat Athens. Pass a skills and fitness test and gain a husband, even though he will not live with her. Ready to retire at 60 with his wife, Trepula, proud of his son, and joining the siege on Athens. Children are succeeding; uncle is retiring soon, and finds slaves to be very ugly. Proud of grandson being in the barracks with him and glad that his last year of service is near, but this war seems that it may last a while. Dog of Sparcus the Younger, who finds unfair that his owner is preparing to be a soldier, instead of hanging out with him in the fields. Poliphus the

No longer taught by slave, goes to a primary school while Spartans surround city, has own writing tablet and ruler. Carintha The Daughter
She does not go to school, teaches herself, loves Aesop’s Fables and has to stay at home due to a dreadful plague on the city. Poliphus the Elder
A leader who is the son of Grampus and believes that he can defeat the Spartan Army. Appala the Mother
Not allowed much freedom hardly sees her children, and Pericles may be getting sick from the plague. Grampus The Grandfather
Wants to attack the Spartans before they invade the city, opinion does not count and no one will listen to him. Messupa the grandmother
Makes own clothing and perfume, and only can buy jewelry, wearing her best because her husband and Poliphus are entertaining Pericles.
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