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Belldara Assignment Web Or Mobile System Essay

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Web o Mobile Systems Paper
Dara Bell
IT 205
January 18, 2015
Dr. George Arnold
Android and Google: The Duo of the Future

Android is a mobile (Wikipedia, 2015) operating system (OS) that is developed by Google, and most devices run off this particular OS, letting people access Google services and apps. Android is (Wikipedia, 2015) designed mainly for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers with a user interface for televisions, cars, and smartwatches. With smartphones (Mahapatra, 2013 and tablets, the OS uses touch inputs that relates to real world actions like swiping, (Mahapatra, 2013tapping, and pinching to operate on-screen objects and the use of a virtual keyboard as well. Since Android is used for (Mahapatra, 2013 touchscreen devices, the OS can also be used for game consoles, digital cameras, and personal computers. People who use the Android OS also uses Google, since Google is the primary developer for Android, people can take part of the services Google offers let alone the millions of apps (applications) that Google offer to its subscribers. According to TechSpot (Kahn, 2014), it was reported that Google has over one (Kahn, 2014) billion active Android users and Goog...

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