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Ecom Web Strategy Essay

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Course Details

Course name – E-Commerce Web
Publisher – Global Text Project
Modules – 3 and sub-units
Duration – 6hours

Learning Outcomes
• Describe the reasons for attracting and
retaining visitors.
• Explain the term “attractor”.
• List and explain the different types of
• Describe the different factors of attractiveness.
• Outline the different ways attractors can
sustain attractiveness.
• Outline the different strategies for

Attracting And Retaining Visitors

The flow of information is predominantly from the
seller to the buyer. However, the Web puts this flow
in reverse thrust.
Customers have considerable control over which
messages they receive because it is primarily by
visiting Web sites that they are exposed to
marketing communications.
Differentiation--success in appealing to desirable
market segments so as to maintain visibility, create
defensible market positions, and forge institutional
identity--is considered to be a central key to
survival and growth for businesses in the new
electronic marketplace

Types Of Attractors

 An attractor is a Web site with the potential to attract
and interact with a relatively large number of visitors
in a target stakeholder group.
To understand how firms distinguish themselves in a
flat world, we reviewed marketing research literature,
surfed many Web sites, monitored Web sites that
publish reviews of other companies' Web efforts, and
examined prize lists for innovative Web solutions. 
After visiting many Web sites and identifying those
that seem to...

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