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Customer Attitude Towards Using Internet Banking Essay

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Internet banking is still at infancy stage in the world. Many studies focused on usage of internet banking but many factors on non-usage were overlooked. This research was carried out to validate the conceptual model of internet banking. The causes were identified and researched through correcting the causative factors so that internet banking can be used by more people. This will help the banking operations to be more cost effective. The research is focused on what are the customer’s perceptions about internet banking and what are the drivers that drive consumers. How consumers have accepted internet banking and how to improve the usage rate were the focus of research area in this study. Qualitative exploratory research using questionnaire was applied. 100 respondents were selected for study after initial screening. They were all bank customers. The study revealed that education, gender, income plays an important role in usage of internet banking. Not much research has been done on these areas as they were focused more on the acceptance of technology rather than on people. The research corroborated the conceptual framework stating that if skills can be upgraded there will be greater will to use internet banking by consumers. Inhibitory factors like trust, gender, education, culture, religion, security and price can have minimal effect on consumer mindset towards internet banking.

The kinds of innovation in technology and hard line blend of it with information technology made a paradigm shift in the banking industry. Technology itself created its world in the globe of human beings. Advent of Internet banking happened in early 1990. This beginning of Internet Banking created a phenomenal system, Internet banking. Internet banking is a kind of systems that enable financial institution customers, individuals or businesses, to access accounts, transact business, or obtain information on financial products and services through the Internet. The Government of India enacted the IT Act, 2000 (Information Technology Act). This act came into effect from the 17th of October 2000. The purpose of this act, in context of banking, was to provide legal recognition to electronic transactions and other means of electronic Commerce. The working group set by Reserve bank of India, has been working as a watchdog on the different aspect of the Internet banking. ICICI bank was the pioneer bank to use Internet banking for some of its services, in India. ICICI bank and a lot of other Indian banks use the Internet banking system to provide online banking solution. In the current scenario Indian customers are moving towards Internet banking, slowly but steadily. Most of the big Indian banks like SBI, BOB, and BOI etc. have started providing Internet banking services. There is a clear need to develop a better understanding of how consumers evaluate these services and develop e-loyalty. Service quality is one of the main factors determining the success/failure of electronic commerce (Santos, 2003). Automated service quality has tended to lag behind because practitioners have focused mainly on issues of usability and measurement of use (Al-Hawar, 2005). Therefore, customer perception and pre...

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