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Wolfec Evaluating Website Nr500 Essay

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Evaluating a Website for Credibility
Charles B Wolfe
Chamberlain College of Nursing

Evaluating a Website for Credibility
A search for men’s health related website conducted using the public search engine Men’s Health Network (MHN),, is a nonprofit organization reaching out to males and their families focusing on the growing health crisis that affect the premature mortality of men (Men’s Health Network, 2014). Approximately 50% of the population is male; evaluating the sites credibility is important when using it as an educational tool for male patients related to prevention and management of health. Evaluation of website

MHN is comprised of spokespersons and advisory board. The website discloses a limited list of spokespersons with title and areas of educational focus. The site states, “…there are over 800 physicians, mental health experts, and other key thought leaders among the MHN Board of Advisors…” (Men's Health Network, 2014). The readability of the website is not technical, the average person will be able to read the information on the site and be able to understand the intent of the organizations message. The information that is presented is accurate but referencing to st...

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