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Skin Webquest

Congratulations!! You and your team have just graduated from medical school, completed your family practice residency, and are ready to begin practice. You have decided to set up shop in the lovely town of Melanin Bay in the Sunshine state. Your practice will be associated with Hospital del Sol and your first order of business is to learn about sun and its effects on the skin. You will need to answer the listed questions for each of the following patients using the given links. GOOD LUCK DOCTOR!

Finding Out About Self Tanners
Your patient, a 26 year old woman, hasn’t been able to get in the sun as much as she did as a teenager. She’s very self conscious about her veins in her skin and wants to know what she can do to make her skin look better. She has questions about sunless tanners. • How do sunless tanners work?
o They work by putting tanning products onto the skin, causing the skin to change to brown • Do they change me permanently?
o No, since skin is constantly being shed and replaced this only last 5 to 7 days.
• What is the chemical involved?
o dihydroxyacetone
• Is it safe?
o As of right now it is claimed as safe
• What precautions do I have to take when I go to a spray tan place? o You have to make sure to keep the DHA out of your eyes and mucous membranes. • Will it protect me from sunburn? Will it protect me from cancer? o No, it has no effect on sunburn or cancer protection • What does SPF mean?

o Sun Protection Factor • Will sunless tanner cause skin cancer?
o No because the sunless tanner has none of the same effects as actual sun rays.

Holy moley, I’ve got moles
A 9 year old patient, Tim, comes in with his dad. They both have many questions about Tim’s skin. • What is the difference between freckles and moles?
o Freckles are small brown spots usually found on the face and arms. Mo...

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