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Harman Kaur Modi
MBA-IB (2012-2014)
Roll No. : AM2012376




This is to certify that Ms.Harman Kaur Modi , a student of Post Graduate Degree in MBA - IB , Amity International Business School , Noida has worked in the Cdial Careers , under the able guidance and supervision of Ms.Deepshikha, Marketing Manager, Cdial Careers. The period for which she was on training was for 6 weeks, starting from 11th june to 10th july. This Summer Internship report has the requisite standard for the partial fulfillment the Post Graduate Degree in International Business . To the best of our knowledge no part of this report has been reproduced from any other report and the contents are based on original research.

Signature Signature (Ms. Seema Sahai) (Harman Kaur Modi)


I express my sincere gratitude to my industry guide Ms.Deepshikha, Marketing Manager, Cdial Careers, for her able guidance, continuous support and cooperation throughout my project, without which the present work would not have been possible.

I would also like to thank the entire team of Cdial Careers, for the constant support and help in the successful completion of my project.

Also, I am thankful to my faculty guide Ms.Seema Sahai of my institute, for her continued guidance and invaluable encouragement.

(Harman Kaur Modi)


Every study need’s a research to analyze the problem . The research provides an opportunity to a student to demonstrate application of his/her knowledge ,skills and competence required during the technical session. My topic for research is “Kids Website Survey”

The research helps me to devote my skills to analyze the problem and to work upon it and look to suggest the alternative solution’s . Further on evaluating it using theoretical and analytical approach , it helps me to prepare feasible recommendations on the provided data .

I tried my level best to prepare this report error free and without any possible contamination . Every effort has been made to offer the accuracy .

Table of contents:
Page No
2.1 Objective of the research
2.2 Research design
2.3 Tools Used
2.4 Details of Research
2.5 Research Description
2.6 Scope of study
2.7 Limitations
4.1Idea It works mission
4.2Portfolio of the company
4.3 Industry Profile
4.4 SWOT Analysis
4.1 part 1
4.2 part 2
4.3 online method
4.4 Responses


As the technology is advancing the child growth has become prime important to parents, whether they are in pregnancy state or are new parents or are dealing with the adolacense of their child, every parent needs answers to the basic required questions, they try to get answers from experienced people but mostly trust online information.Internet has become the major source of information for every human being. But the information is so vast and scattered ,that even confuse the parents to understand what is good or bad for their child.

Hence our firm has put forward a project of constructing a Kids Website which will become the first opportunity for parents to understand their kids requirement and the to avail all the information related to their child’s growth, online through one website.

The survey for understanding the needs of the parents is required so as to understand the basic frame of our website, as understanding of the market has become a very important aspect before starting up a business. Hence a survey followed by research and analytics will help this website to reach higher goals.

Why I selected this project as…

I intend to choose a project from the domain of my interest, Marketing Research, which would be enriched by the lessons and tools learnt from my MBA curriculum as well as my personal experience in the field I selected this project of Marketing Research and analysis of Kids Website because this project require an IT background, a mindset of analyzing how a website can be put forward in order to understand and make our target audience get an easy access to their needs.


Objective of the research
To Analyse out the needs of the parents from a online website, which they require for the upbringing of their children or needs of a pregnant mom from such an online website through surveys and market research.

Secondary objective:
Competetive Analysis of the website with other such websites

Research Design

DESCRIPTIVE RESEARCH:- It includes facts findings and surveys of different kinds. The major purpose of this type of research is the description of state of affairs, as it exists at present. The research provides the data of the population or universe being studied. Descriptive research is used when objective is to provide a systematic description that is as factual as accurate possible. Descriptive Research method would be used in our overall project .Questionnaire would be developed which would provide an easy mode of communication with the parents.

Tools Used

Google Docs
Google Docs is a online word processor that lets everyone create and format text documents and collaborate with other people in real time. We can upload a Word document and convert it to a Google document We can add flair and formatting to your documents by adjusting margins, spacing, fonts. We can Invite other people to collaborate on a document with us. We can collaborate online in real time and chat with other collaborators — right from inside the document We can view your document's revision history and roll back to any previous version We can download a Google document to your desktop as a Word, OpenOffice, RTF. We can translate a document to a different language

We can email our documents to other people as attachments

Hence, Google Docs ,would be used to provide the analysis of for data and would also help us to generate the pictorial representation of the same.

Details of research

Method Used : Survey method

Type Of survey : Interview

Instrument used : Questionnaire

Sample size : 29(online) and 40(manually)

Data used : Primary

Sample area : Since the research is on Kids Website ,so the sample

Area: – In malls, kids store , Residential areas ,
Primary Schools like kidzee, mothers pride etc.

Sample Design : Simple random method, convience sampling, Snowball Sampling. Sources Of Data Collection :- Data collected in this project is collected from primary source which is as follows-

Primary Data: - Interview , online forms , blogs, social media , Questionnaire

Research Description

A complete brain storming of the project is done with the industry mentor on the topics such as how to move forward with the survey ,what are the basic requirement of the respondent and what are the areas to be covered After the complete brainstorming 2 questionnaires are developed, The first questionnaire for parents having children of age group(0-18) which included the basic information of the parents followed by questions which would reflect their basic requirement from the website such as, “Do you require online information regarding schools for your child” and many more.

And the second questionnaire for pregnant mums which included the basic information of the moms followed by questions which would reflect their basic requirement from the website such as,”What modes of physical exercise do you prefer”, “Do you require any online psychological consultancy” and many more.

I have created a facebook profile “My Kid” and promote the profile so that mothers and parents can connect to our website and can provide prestigious reviews which can be highly usefull for our research.To conduct the research I am using social network sites such as facebook, and blogs specially for parents.

I have conducted the survey in certain organized events such as pool party organized in various appartments in patparganj industrial area and I have also visited various primary schools and have a huge survey reviews from parents. Next step is to analysis of the data through google docs and the result is them used to create the website which would provide the extension for the project to become live.

Scope of the Project
The analysis would provide the organization the benefit of creating a structured and customer based website ,which could be better ,after analysing the competitors .The website can provide a large scale of relevant Information to the parents ,so that they can understand there child more. The segments of GPS tracking would be the USP of the website. As it would be firstly launched on our website, helping the parents to trace down small kids in emergency.The website will more effectively become a means of security. With the further approach to the website,definitely a mobile application will be launched which would be available for the parents 24*7, so that security can be assured and moments of understanding their child needs are not missed.

There are certain limitations :
Website needs to be attractive and as it’s a information providing website ,the hyperlinks have to be properly placed to provide the depth scrollment or engagement of the user. Competition is very high, the website has to be very much user friendly Website has to be aware about hurting sentiments of parents at any segment. Consultancy programs arranged by the website should be held properly or it would lead to bad word of mouth High Promotional strategies are required


Acquisition of Axon by HCL Technologies in 2008.

In summer of 2008, when the world was yet to be singed by collapse of Lehman Brothers, Berkshire, UK-based AXON was looking forward to acquire an Indian information technology company. Known for its consultancy, but not so much for its size, it was interested to expand. A typical Indian company, with strengths in its low-end services, made for perfect fit. The problem was about its valuation. In those pre-crisis days of the heady growth ,and the valuation of Indian IT companie’s was so high that it almost nipped AXON's ambition in the bud . Not to be denied that AXON group opted only for the opposite route i.e. to the of the gain of the scale .

It agreed to be acquired " The strategic objective was then achieved , but the other way round " says Steve Cardell , who as the company's CEO presided over its acquisition by the HCL Technologies , known as HCL Tech . The acquisition had its share of the drama . Infosys , which was keen on building the large consultancy practice , where margins are 20 to 30 per cent higher than its traditional service’s of application and infrastructure maintenance , offered Pound 407 million , or Rs 2,920 crore then , for AXON . In the closing moments , Vineet Nayar , Vice Chairman and ceo of HCL Tech , stepped into offering Pound 40 million more . " We gave Infosys little more time to respond , " he recalls . The deal was sealed on December 15 , 2008 .  In 2008/ 09 , the HCL Tech reported that the revenues are of $ 2.18 billion ( Rs 10,542 crore ) and the net profit of $ 249 million . Two years later , in 2010/11 , revenue’s did grew by 63 per cent to $3.55 billion and the net profit had grown from 51 per cent to $378 million . Over the same period , market leader Tata Consultancy Services's revenues has increased 36 per cent to $ 8.2 bill...

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