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Here I am in my late twenties in college no less trying to write a paper that defines me. A paper that is supposed to constitute important things that have happened or I want to happen to my family and I throughout our lives. In this paper I will explain my family values, education goals, career goals and try and explain what I want to do when I grow up. I will use the Adult Development and Life Assessment as the foundation of my paper and introduce some other resources to help support my life assessment. I never thought at 27 I would be married and none the less with two kids as well. My life decisions have led me to where I am today and I would not change a thing about it. My wife does more than I could ever imagine a single person doing for another. That tends to come with the territory of being a military spouse and it never gets easier as time goes on. Trista has a stress level that is consistently on overdrive because she does everything for the family and gets to see me for only about one day out of the week. She pays the bills, takes care of the kids, works full-time, and goes to school full-time all on her own and virtually without any help from me. One day I am afraid that stress will be one of those things the doctor is talking to us about and giving us tips on how to lower our stress. I have tried teaching my wife some things like relaxation and just letting things go rather than get upset but, we just found out that she has a disorder that prevents her from doing this. This is the life we have agreed to live and it’s a stressful one but we always put our kids first no matter what. We can only give our kids the best that we can give them based on what we have learned throughout our lives.

Family values must be learned as your life goes progresses and you learn different things. There is always a time in someone’s life when they think to themselves that their family has to be better than the...

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