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Webster Industry Case Study Essay

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In any organization it is essential to understand the relationship between organizational culture, leadership behavior and job satisfaction. This understanding allows management to know what cultural factors drive the organization and can be used to align the organization with its strategy allow for a good reward system. Culture within organizations is important as it plays an enormous role on whether employees are in happy and safe environments and can perform at the full capacity. Strong cultures are based on two characteristics, high levels of agreement among employees about what’s a valued and high level of intensity about these values CITATION Cha03 \l 1033 (Chatman & Cha, 2003). Although it seemed as if it had a great culture and a reward system, Webster’s had its fair share of flaws within its culture. Of the things working in Webster’s culture, is its family like culture. One employee was quoted saying that there was a sense of family here, meaning at Webster. Employees often spent time together outside of work in places such as churches and civic positions. Carter and his family often dealt with his co-workers at various community and civic activities. This sense of belonging served as huge role in...

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