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Emily Olsen
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WebQuest: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 50 points
Directions: The state of Palestine was divided in 1947 to establish the nation of Israel, resulting in two  separate homelands for the Arab and Jewish people. This land separation has sharply divided Arabs and  Israelis for over 50 years, resulting in ongoing violent conflicts.    

For this WebQuest, you will develop a historical understanding of the complex issues behind the decisions  made in the Middle East, specifically in Israel/Palestine, by examining the multiple perspectives & agendas  of the various parties involved.  Use the following online resources to answer...

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/learning/teachers/studentactivity/20090109gazahistory.pdf /news/specials/mideast/history/index.html /newshour/bb/middle_east/conflict/ /pov/pdf/promiese/promises-timeline.pdf 1 10 11 1947 1948 2 3 4 5 50 6 7 8 9 acronym affect agenda answer arab behind brief capitol caus centuri citi claim column complex conflict control cope countri creation cultur decis defin describ develop diffirm direct disregard divid dream east emili encourag engin establish europ examin factor follow format found frontlin game gaza group hama heart histor histori holocaust homeland intern intifada involv iran islam isra israel israel/palestine israeli-palestinian issu jerusalem jew jewish judism kcdistanc keyword kill land learn lebanon liber link made main make middl mideast milit modern movement multipl nation new newshour newsmak npr occup olsen one ongo onlin oppos organ other palestin palestinian parti pbs peac peopl perspect plight plo point polit post public question radio region repres resist resourc result right rise role search see separ settler sharpli shatter specif state statehood stop support syria territori terror time two u.s understand unifi upris us use various view violent vote want washington webquest westbank year york zionist