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Problem Specification Document

Problem Specification

This project will involve creating an e-commerce web site for the purpose of selling electronic such as desktop, laptop, TV, DVD player, camera .etc. This system will provide a web interface for customer to create an account, make an order, check status and cancel an order. Database system will be used in customer and product management. The system will be developed on behalf of electronic retailer who currently operates as an online store only and limited delivery to nationwide.

The efficient design of the site will allow the customer quickly order online and saving time if compare to order a product by regular mail. Furthermore, if the customer does not have an internet connection, he can order by phone and one of the customer representatives will be available to help him. It is fast and convenient.

Products are to be shipped directly from the inventory to the address as the customer provide when he made an order, via UPS or FedEx.

System must be informative, robust, responsive, user-friendly and secure. System should be designed to allow possible future expansion, for an example more product lines, and for potential porting to other retail businesses.

The Specification Document

I. Input/Output Specifications

A. Input Specifications (Customer’s View)

An on-line web site will be designed that allows the user to input the following information from any computer with internet access:

Their customer profile information: (account registration)
Customer name (string format, 40 characters max.)
Street address (string format, 40 characters max.)
City (string format, 15 characte...

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