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Rocket Internet
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Rocket Internet GmbH is a German online startup incubator founded in Berlin in 2007 by the Samwer brothers. The company's business model is to clone successful internet sites, usually from the US (e.g. Groupon), and replicate them in other countries such as Germany (e.g. Citydeal). The sites are then often acquired by the original company (Groupon acquired Citydeal in 2010). Rocket Internet uses a targeted HR strategy; the company hires MBA-trained executives to be 'Founder and Managing Director' of its clone businesses. The majority of these people have previous experience at multinational banks and consultancy firms. The formula of combining the company's overall expertise and management and then copying a proven website results in Rocket Internet often being the number two or three player in the new marketplace (created by the start-up company with the original idea). Rocket Internet operate the e-commerce retail companies Zalando in Germany, in India, in Russia, Locondo in Japan, The Iconic and Zanui in Australia and and in Pakistan.[1] [2] Their other ventures include CityDeal, which was purchased by Groupon for US$126M, Wimdu which profited by US$90M and Alando, which was bought by eBay for US$50M.[3][4] -------------------------------------------------

Latin America
Rocket Internet ventured in Latin America's ecommerce market on April 2012. Its journey into LATAM e-commerce started in Colombia and Mexico with the venture called: Linio, anonline store featuring more than 1000 brands in various product categories. Linio Colombia and Mexico were the first of a series of e-commerce start-ups in the latinamerican territory, including Linio Perú and Venezuela. -------------------------------------------------

In November 2011 the company launched ZALORA Singapore, an online retailer of fashion and shoes based in eastern Singapore, which primarily targets 18-35 year old men and women.[5][6] It is part of larger ZALORA Asia Group that also has a presence in Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam and Indonesia since late 2011.[7]ZALORA Singapore currently has over 300 employees.[citation needed] ZALORA Singapore is currently available only to those living in Singapore. In Singapore, Rocket Internet GmbH has also set up foodpanda, a separate venture that delivers food via orders through its website.[8] It works by allowing users browse through menus of partner restaurants near the user's postal code, order the food, and pay via cash on delivery.[9] Foodpanda is now active in 9 countries, including Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, India, Pakistan and Colombia. In May 2012, the company also launched Home24 Singapore, the one stop online furniture shop that specialises in home décor, indoor and outdoor furniture and furnishing.[10] Singapore acts as a HQ for another retail venture Lazada (clone of Amazon). Lazadas operate in Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia. -------------------------------------------------

In 2011, Rocket Internet starts several online retailer projects in Istanbul. The projects cover up fashion, home decoration, sportswear and special design products. Rocket Internet shut down Turkey operations. [11] -------------------------------------------------

In 2011, Rocket Internet funded, which is an ecommerce portal operating out of their Gurgaon office. The portal covers fashion, home decoration, sportswear and special design products. [12] Rocket Internet also founded,,, (, ([13] and Printvenue in the year 2012. -------------------------------------------------

[edit]North Africa
In 2012, Rocket Internet has launched several ecommerce sites in North Africa as in Morocco and Egypt a big store online which sell and ship throughout the country electronic products, books, games for children, apparels, shoes. -------------------------------------------------

[edit]West Africa
In 2012, Rocket Internet launched two ecommerce sites in West Africa ( and Sabunta has since been merged into jumia. -------------------------------------------------

[edit]South Africa
In 2012, Rocket Internet launched two new websites in South Africa. ( modeled on the successful US model http// was launched in February. In April They launched a furniture and decor store.

Rocket Internet launches Zalora in M’sia and S’pore, on mass hiring spree in Southeast Asia

pdated: 18th April 2012

If you don’t know Rocket Internet, you should. This German startup incubator, founded by the famous Samwer Brothers, has a knack for copying business models from Silicon Valley and replicating them successfully elsewhere. Now, they are conquering Southeast Asia.

SGE got wind from Raphael Strauch, managing director of Rocket Internet, that they have started, a Zappos clone, in Malaysia and Singapore. Zalora is an online fashion retailer that stocks clothing and accesories from indie brands around the region. Featured brands include TAS Iman by Tom Abang Saufi, a well-known Malaysian fashion designer, Ladakh, an Australian label, and SABRINAGOH. Besides an online fashion business spanning the region, a check with various online recruitment sites has revealed that Rocket Internet is also embarking on an online food delivery venture and a furniture business called Raphael declined to reveal more details at the point of time. What we do know is that the company has embarked on a massive recruitment drive in Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia, with the aim of taking Southeast Asia’s online retail market by storm, as their job ads put it. Based on what we’ve seen, the company is in the midst of creating multiple localized e-commerce websites utilizing a common logistical and operational backbone, each focusing on different verticals. Rocket Internet is not new to the online retail scene. They already operate multiple e-commerce companies for shoes and fashion worldwide: in Germany, in Japan, and in Australia. Last November, they announced plans to do something similar in India. Think about that for a moment.

In Singapore, the online fashion scene has been dominated by LiveJournal bloggers — some of whom have branched out to create their own online stores and even physical stores. Many of these stores import their items from places like Thailand. Few design their own clothes. Could the wildly successful Rocket Internet come in and massively disrupt the e-commerce scene in Singapore and other parts of Southeast Asia?  It’s certainly possible. After all, the Samwer Brothers have a stellar track record.

Founded in 2007, Rocket Internet’s successful ventures include CityDeal, which was purchased by Groupon for US$126M; short terms rental site Wimdu, which has raised US$90M; Alando, an online auction house that was sold to eBay for US$50M, and more. With that much capital, they can afford to start another giant and give fashion blogshops a run for their money. It’s only logical that they expand to Southeast Asia, which is a lucrative market. So just how big is this recruitment drive? Let’s look at the job vacancies they have available. In December 2011, SGE reported that they’re looking to hire more than 20 positions in the next two months in Singapore. They were seeking an administrative assistant, and are still looking for business development interns. A new job posting, put up on 25th January, is seeking a Call Centre Team Leaderto ”lead a team of call centre agents and oversee day-to-day functioning of call centre operation.” On the JobsDB Singapore site, they have placed ads for a business development manager, a finance manager, and six other positions. In Thailand, they are seeking a business development analyst and many other positions. Most of these jobs were posted on Jobsdb as early as 14th January, with the bulk of them appearing on 20th January. And that’s very likely a partial list.

A massive call for applicants is also happening in the Philippines (more than 20), Malaysia (seven jobs), and Indonesia. According to tech blog DailySocial, Rocket Internet has already hired a vice-president of digital product and online marketing in Indonesia, and are “desperately” seeking an internal recruit for a “fashion e-commerce giant”. The writer speculated that ‘Zamoda’ could be the name for the Indonesian venture, based on a reverse IP lookup. In total, about 50 jobs have been listed so far, but more are likely to come. We estimate that about 300 staff have been hired in Singapore alone, a large number of them interns. For blogshop owners who stocks items from elsewhere, it’ll be interesting to see whether they will be rendered obsolete by the economies of scale enjoyed by large companies like Rocket Internet. Or perhaps their branding would be strong enough to resist the tide. is essentially in the same business of aggregating fashion items as these blogshops, except that Rocket Internet has much more resources and money. Based on what we’ve seen on the Malaysian website, the brand is positioning itself as a direct competitor to these smaller, local enterprises. While there’s certainly a lot the Samwer Brothers can gain by leveraging on the brand recognition that local online retailers enjoy, I’m not sure if that’s even happening. For independent fashion labels though, sites like Zalora are certainly beneficial as it gives them an additional retail platform. What all this shows is that in the new Internet economy, the import and distribution business is ripe for disruption by massive Internet companies who have the financial muscle to ship goods at lower prices. Which means in order to survive, smaller blogshops and import businesses must invest in intellectual capital too. By designing and creating their own fashion items (good example here), fashion entrepreneurs stand a better chance of prospering in a new economy by getting their goods distributed to every channel available. While prominent tech journalists like Sarah Lacy are highly critical of the Samwer brother’s worldwide rampage, I am not one to complain. Besides being a boon to creative fashion designers, sites like could widen the e-commerce pie in the region, which will benefit other Internet businesses. In addition, aspiring entrepreneurs seeking job exposure in a startup environment will surely benefit from a stint at Rocket Internet. Ideation, after all, is just one part of the equation. Execution matters a whole lot more. And the Samwer brothers are good at it.

Rocket Internet in Asia
January 10, 2013 by Terence LEE     
Rocket Internet is a Berlin headquartered company that is well-known for cloning successful online startups (usually from the US), replicating them elsewhere, and turning them into million-dollar businesses. It was founded in 2007 by the Samwer brothers — Alexander, Marc, and Oliver, who have together created and sold a number of successful Internet businesses before starting Rocket Internet. Most of their businesses are e-commerce related. The company tends to hire MBA-trained executives and management consultants to become ‘founder’ and ‘managing director’ of its businesses. However, unlike startup founders, they do not hold as much equity or have as much decision-making power to shape the direction of their companies. They are primarily executors who could be fired for underperforming. Rocket Internet has polarized observers in the startup and technology community for its practices. Critics pour scorn on the company for blatant copying, mischaracterizing its ventures as startups, an over-aggressive and results-oriented corporate culture, and rapid turnover rates. At the same time, it is widely admired for its rapid execution ability. Rocket Internet enters Asia-Pacific

The company’s Asian invasion began with Zalora, which was started in December 2011in Singapore and Malaysia and later expanded to other parts of Southeast Asia. Since then, Rocket Internet’s market includes 16 countries in Asia-Pacific and 11 verticals: Fashion, tourism and travel, cosmetics and toiletries, jewelry, furniture, marketing, F&B, office supplies, printing services, general e-commerce, and automobiles. Read: In Asia, beauty box companies are the next Clone Rush Portfolio companies by country

Countries with the most Rocket Internet companies are placed first. The chart does not include Wimdu and Pinspire, which has worldwide presence. Greyed-out logos refer to ventures that have shut down. India |

| |
| | | | |
| | | | |
Malaysia | | | | |
|   | | | |
| | | | |
Indonesia | | | | |
| | | | |
| | | | |
Vietnam | | | | |
| | | | |
Philippines | | | |   |
| | | | |
Myanmar | | | | |
| | | | |
Singapore | | | |   |
| | | | |
Australia | | | | |
| | | | |
Thailand | | | | |
| | | | |
Taiwan | | | | |
| | | | |
China | | | | |
| | | | |
Hong Kong | | | | |
| | | | |
South Korea | | | Japan | |
| | | | |
Pakistan | | | New Zealand | |
23 Jan 2012: Tengelmann invests USD 20M in Lazada
6 Dec 2012: Summit Partners invests USD 26M in Lazada
12 Nov 2012: Kinnevik invests USD 40M in Lazada
25 Sep 2012: JP Morgan invests in Zalora
14 Sep 2012: JP Morgan Invests in Lazada
Timeline of Rocket Internet’s activities in Asia

Rocket quietly landed in Malaysia


Sorry, it's not this rocket that most Malaysian are familiar with.

Instead, it's Rocket Internet from Germany. Dubbed as German's most successful (andAGGRESSIVE) incubator (started by Samwer Brothers) having a staff strength over 5,000 peoples in their portfolio companies, which include e-commerce site like 

It appears that they are going to launch a fashion online store here (apparently, in Australia & Singapore too), directly retail to the consumers. See what type of talents they are recruiting now. 1. Fashion Buyers

2. Online Marketing Head
3. IT Product Manager
So, any fashion buyers from Padini or FOS already head hunted over?

Their job posting appears in too. Go read it, then you will know this rocket is not to be taken lightly. Notice in every job posting, they mentioned this in their write up?

"This online retail group is set to take the Malaysian e-tail market by storm."

Can you feel it? if you don't, then check out this 
I-will-die-to-win email by the BIG BOSS Oliver Samwer 

If you are the competitor, this email will make you shake in your pants. My favorite line is:" I am the most aggressive guy on internet on the planet. I will die to win and i expect the same from you! " (yeah right, did anyone tell him that dead people don't really care about winning? Proof: The top 5 regrets people have on their deathbed)

updated 05-Jan-2012 : Finally, Rocket Internet has (soft) launched their online fashion retail site in Malaysia - Check it out - (domain inspired by Zara?) 

|  |

Our first impression? 
1) A clean, neatly built site.
2) Zalora looks the same as their sister site (Zalando UK, Zalando Ge) 3) Safe to assume they are powered by the same system too.
4) A quick search review that the Singapore site will be known as 5) I know NONE of the brands they carry... (yes, i'm brand idiot)  6) Can't find anything below RM50 yet
7) Online payment powered by iPay88 + PayPal
8) Once got the items, you can have 3 days period to return it (unlike the Zappos's Insane 365 days return policy, which works in US but not in M'sia) 9) Limited items for each size now, which means they only sell what's in stock (not preorder, not backorder) so they can ship it fast to you. 10) Mouse over the thumbnail view in categories will display few angles of the product shots 11) Very nice filtering tools based on brand, colors, price, size, occasion (theme) on left bar when you drill into each categories.. 12) Facebook page located at 13) And a sneak peak at young, energetic founding team led by a Hardvard Grad CEO - Off for a good start!

Rocket Internet added Frederik Roever as Director.
Posted 2/15/13 at 8:41am
Rocket Internet added Goncalo Reis as Entrepreneur-In-Residence. Posted 2/15/13 at 8:41am
Rocket Internet added Alan Poensgen as Global Venture Development. Posted 2/15/13 at 8:41am
Rocket Internet added Ercin Eksin as Global Venture Development Director. (8/5/12) Posted 10/24/12 at 12:39am
Rocket Internet added Emilian Popa as Managing Director South Africa. (10/15/11) Posted 8/19/12 at 5:47am
Rocket Internet added Charlie Hung as Director - Global Ventures. Posted 7/12/12 at 3:59pm
Rocket Internet added Charlie Hung as Global Venture Director. Posted 7/12/12 at 3:58pm
Rocket Internet added Mads Faurholt-Jorgensen as Global Partner & Managing Director. (1/1/10) Posted 7/9/12 at 10:45am
Rocket Internet added Marcelo Toledo as Director. (2/1/12) Posted 6/27/12 at 8:44am
Rocket Internet added Ankur Warikoo as Entrepreneur-in-Residence. (12/16/10) Posted 6/27/12 at 8:44am
Rocket Internet added Nalla Karunanithy as PHP Developer. (12/15/11) Posted 5/20/12 at 8:29pm
Rocket Internet added Victor Garcia as PHP Developer. (12/1/11) Posted 5/20/12 at 8:29pm
Rocket Internet added Manuel Silva as PHP Developer. (12/1/11) Posted 3/29/12 at 11:13pm
Rocket Internet added Stefan Bruun as Managing Director. (12/1/10) Posted 2/16/12 at 10:33pm
Rocket Internet added Raphael Strauch as Managing Director and Partner. Posted 9/13/11 at 6:38pm
Rocket Internet added Henning Kruthaup as payleven Brazil Director. (3/1/12) Posted 3/30/10 at 12:16am

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chosen chris circl circul circumst circumv citat cite citi cityd civil claim clarif class classifi classroom classroom-styl claus clean clear click clickstream client clientel clio clip clone close closer closest cloth club cluster cm co co-opt coach cocktail cod code coffe coin collaps collect colombia color colour com combin come comedi comment commentari commerc commerci commiss commit common commot communic communiti community-bas compani compar comparison compat compel compens compet competit competitor complain complaint complet complex compli complianc comprehens compris compromis comput computer-savvi concept concern concert conclud condit conditionsrel conduct confid confidenti confirm conform conjunct connect connector conquer consent consequenti consid consist constant constitu constitut constru construct consult consum contact contain content content-manag contest context contextu contin continu contract contractu contrari contribut control conveni convent convers convert convinc cooki cool cooper copi copyright core corpor correct correspond corroco corrupt cosmet cost costum could count countri courier cours court coutur cover coverag cpa cpc cpl cpm cpo cps cpt cpv crack craft creat creativ credit crew crimin criteria criterion critic cross cross-carri cross-platform cross-sit crucial crunchbas cryptic cultur cupcak currenc current curv custom customer-as-a-sales-channel [email protected] customis cut d dailysoci damag dare data databas date day day-to-day dead deal dealt death deathb debat debit debut dec decemb decept decid decis decision-mak declar declin deco decor dedic deem defamatori defect defin definit degre delay delet deliv deliveri delon demand democrat demograph densiti denso denso-wav depart depend deploy deposit depot depth derogatori describ descript design desir desper destin destroy destruct detail detain detect deterior determin detract detriment develop devic devot dialog dickson dictionari die differ difficult digg digit diminish dinner direct director director-level directori dirti disabl disadvantag disast disciplin disclaim disclos disclosur discount discov discret discriminatori discuss disney dispatch display disput disrupt dissemin distinguish distract distribut district diverg divid document doesn dolc dollar domain domin done donor door dot dot-com doubl doubleclick doubt doug download dr dramat draper draw dress drew drill drive drought dua dub duchess dude due dupe duplic duti dynam décor e e-commerc e-mail e-market e-tail e.g e27 earli earlier earliest earn earring earthquak eas easi easili easter eastern eat ebay ebook eclect ecommerc econom economi ecpm ed edg edit educ effect effici effort egg egypt eight eit either eksin elector electr electron element els elsewher email embark embarrass embrac emerg emilian emphasi employ employe empti enabl encompass encourag encrypt encyclopedia end endeavor endeavour endless endors energet energi enforc engag engin english enhanc enjoy enliven enough enquiri ensur enter enterpris entertain enthusiasm enthusiast entic entir entiti entitl entrepreneur entrepreneur-in-resid entri environ epidem epidemiolog episod equal equat equip equiti ercin error error-fre eservic especi essenti establish estim etc ethic europ european evalu evangel even event [email protected] ever ever-increas everi everyon everyth evolv exact examin exampl exceed excel except excess excit exclud exclus execut executor exercis exist expand expans expect expens experi expert expertis explicit explos exponenti expos exposur express expressli expropri extend extens extent extern extra extract extrem eye eyebal f fabul face face-to-fac facebook facet facil facilit fact factor factual faculti failur fair fall fals famili familiar famous fan far fashion fashion-ori fast faster fastest fault faulti faurholt faurholt-jorgensen favorit favourit fax featur februari feder fee feedback feel feldman femm fi field fight figur film filter final financ financi find finger fire firebal 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growth gsm gsm-base guarante guess guest guid guidelin gurgaon gurus guy h hacker haenlein half half-day hand hand-pick handl hang hangout happen harass hard hardi hardvard hardwar harm harvard hate havaiana haven head headquart health hear heard heavi heavili held help hen herebi hereinaft hesit hewlett hi hidden hide high high-end high-profil higher highest highlight hinder hindranc hint hire histor histori hitherto hitter hold hole holiday home home24 homepag homm hong honour hors host hostil hot hotlin hotmail hotspot hottest hotwir hour hous how-to howev hp hq hr html http hub huge human hundr hung hunt hybrid i-will-die-to-win i.e iab iamamiwhoami ibbi icon idea ideat ident identif identifi idiot ignor ii illeg illustr imag iman immedi impact impair impart imper imperson implement impli implic import impos impress improp improv imt in in-depth in-gam inabl inaccur inaccuraci inadequ inappropri inbound incent incid includ inclus incom incorpor incorrect increas incub incur indec 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kong korea kristi kruthaup kuala l labatt label laci lack ladakh ladi laid land landmark languag larg larger largest larri last latam late later latest latin latinamerican latitud launch law layer layout lazada lbs lead lead-bas leaderto leak least leav led lee left legal legitim len length less let letter level leverag li li-n liabil liabl libbi licenc licens license licensor life lifestyl light like like-mind likelihood limit lin line linear linio link linkedin list live livejourn ll load local locat location-bas lock lock-out locker locondo log logic logist logo long longer longitud look lookup loos loss lot love low lowdown lower loyal loyalti lucrat lumpur lunch lunches/dinners m macbeth mad made magazin mail main mainstream maintain mainten majeur major make maker malaysia malaysian malici mall malwar manag mandatori mani manner manual manuel manufactur map marc marcelo march mark market marketplac marten mask mass massiv master match materi matter maven maxim may mba mba-train mean meant measur mechan media medium meet member meme memet memor men menac mention menus merchant merg messag messeng met method methodolog metric metro mexico michael microsoft mid midst might mileston mill million million-dollar mind minim minimum mininum mink minor minut mischaracter mislead misrepres misrepresent miss mission mistak misus mix mizuno mma mms mo mobil mobile-origin model modif modifi moment momentum monday money monitor month moral morgan morocco mortar motiv motor motorola motorsport mous mouth move movi ms msn mt mtv much multi multi-media multi-play multimedia multin multipl muscl music musician must mustafa myanmar myspac mysteri n nalla name nation nationwid nativ natur navig near neat necessari need negat neglect neglig neither net netherland network network-control never new newest news newslett newspap next nice nich nichii night nike nine ning nomin non non-affili non-automot non-contractu non-exclus non-faulti non-linear non-perform non-premium none normal north noscript nose notabl note noth notic notif notifi notion nov novat novemb ntl number numer nyc obama object oblig obscen observ obsolet obtain obvious occas occasion occur octob offens offer offic offici offlin often old oldest oliv omiss on-lin one one-to-on ongo onlin onscreen onto open oper opinion opportun oppos opt opt-in opt-out optim optimis option oral orblog orchard orcomput order ordinari organ organis orient origin other otherwis out-of-d outdoor outgo outlet outlin outright outsid over-aggress overal overnight overse oversight own owner oxford p2p pacif packag packard padini page pagerank paid paintbal pakistan pamper panda pang pant paper paradigm paragraph parcel part parti partial particip particular partner partnership party-go pass pass-along passbook password past pattern paulo pay payleven payment paypal pdate pdf417 peak peer peer-to-p pejor peopl per percent perfect perform perhap period perman permiss permission-bas permit person person-to-person persuas pertin perú pestl phenomenon philippin philippines phone photo photobucket photograph php php1 php500 physic pick pictur pie piec pin pinspir piraci pixel place placement plan planet platform play playback player pleas plug plug-in plural pocket poensgen point polar polic polici polit poll ponzi pool poor pop pop-und pop-up popa popul popular pore pornograph portal portfolio portion portland portug portugues posit possess possibl post postal postcod potenti pour power ppc ppf pps practic pre pre-exist pre-paid preced predict premium premium-r preorder prepaid prepay preponder presenc present preserv presid press prevail preval preve prevent previous price pricewaterhousecoop primari primarili princip principl print printer printvenu prior privaci privacy-preserv privat prize probabl problem procedur proceed process produc product profan profession professor profil profit profound program project promin promis promo promot prompt proof propel proper properti propos proprieti 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respect respond respons restaur restitut restraint restrict result results-ori retail retarget retent retriev return return-slip reveal revenu revers review revoc revok reward rich richer right riot ripe rise risk rival rm5 rm50 rm500 rm99 road roadi rocket rockland roever roi role roll room round roundtabl routin rove royalti royalty-fre rule run rush rushkoff russia sabrinagoh sabunta safe said sale salespeopl salient sampl samwer sarah satisfact satisfactori satisfi saturday saufi save savvi saw say scale scam scan scaveng scene schedul scheme school sci scienc scorn scratch screen sdn search season seat second section sector secur see seed seek seen segment select self self-repl self-serv sell seller sem semant seminar send senior sensit sent sentiment seo sep separ septemb sequenc seri serious serp serv server servic set settl seven seven-fold seventh sever sexist sge shake shall shape share sharp shield shift ship shoe shoebidoobar shop shopper short shortag shortcod shot show 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studi studio stuff stunt style sub sub-contract sub-licens subcultur subject submiss submit subscrib subsequ subservi subset subsidiari success suffici suggest suitabl sum summit sumo sun sunday super super-region superstiti supplement suppli supplier support suppos supra supra-n sure surfac surreptiti survey surviv suscept suspend suspicion sustain swap swedish swim synergist system tab tag taglin tail tailor tailor-mad taiwan take taken talent talk tap tape target tas task tata tax team tear tech technic techniqu technolog teeth telecom telecommun telephon televis tell temporari temporarili ten ten-pin tend tengelmann terenc term termin territori terror test text thailand theater theft theme themobil theoret thereaft therebi therefor thing think third third-parti thirti thirty-second thong though thought thousand threat threaten three throughengag throughout throw thumbnail thus ticket tide tie tim time timelin tip tivo today togeth toiletri told toledo tom took tool top topic tort 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