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Case Study Of Web Based Email Essay

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Case Study: Web Based Email Applications
With almost ten years of experience in developing state-of-the-art messaging solutions, our research and development team leverages its email market expertise to develop a world-class technology that is highly cost effective and rapidly deployable over millions of emailboxes and domains. Scalable and modular system architecture
Our Web-based email system was designed to provide for maximum flexibility. We have achieved this by developing a unique system architecture which is composed of three main components: web, mail and database servers. Web servers are responsible for the front-end email application, mail servers are responsible for the storage and transmittal of email messages, and database servers are responsible for storing all other important user business partner information. These servers interact through standard protocols such as HTTP, IMAP4, POP3 and SMTP and ODBC. The modularity of our network architecture provides several key technological advantages: Cost-effective and Rapidly Deployable

Our overall system design significantly reduces our time-to-deploy and costs for each mailbox supported. We host most of our servers through third-party hosting vendors. Economies of scale allow such vendors to offer server hosting facilities and Internet backbone access at bulk rates, which significantly reduces our Internet connectivity and server maintenance costs. The modularity of our system architecture allows us to choose from among a broad range of industry-standard mail servers. As a result, we can focus on developing value-added email services instead of becoming entrenched with constant modification, upgrades to our server software and internal development efforts. Because third-party mail servers are constantly upgraded with the most advanced features (LDAP support, HTML messaging, etc.), we reduce our development time by leveraging existing off-the-shelf technology and immediately integrating these features into our service offerings. Scalable, Reliable System

We have integrated into our server network a load-balancing functionality which automatically redirects server load to optimize the overall performance of the system. The modularity of our system architecture allows us to deliver one of the highest service performance levels available today. To provide enhanced scalability, we can seamlessly add additional servers to our network, to match growing capacity demands. Portable

As the market for outsourced email systems evolves, some organizations may demand an in-house hosting facility. The highly modular nature of our system architecture provides us with the ability to duplicate a system in another location within a period of several days. As a result, we are technologically equipped to rapidly deploy email services to this growing subset of the outsourced email systems market. Programming

We have custom-built a unique software development language in order to maximize the flexibility and minimize the development time of our email services. Using this language each business partner can select their own look and feel language and other parameters, while the site is created without having to change the underlying code. Through this software development language, we can: • add new functionality and features (languages, premium services, etc.) to any business partner's existing email system in a few hours; • simultaneously upgrade more than one email system (for example, immediately making additional languages available to any end-u...

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