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Internet Addiction Essay

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Internet Addiction is a Real Problem.

What is the purpose intended of the Internet? Glenn Zachowski believes that it is intended for information when needed and like any other social function, short periods of pleasure. Just like with any social function, there is a chance for addiction. Internet addiction is a fast rising problem in the United States today. According to Dr. Cash, in his article Hooked on the Web, “…6 to 10% of 189 million Internet users in this country have a dependency that can be as destructive as alcoholism and drug addiction” (QTD. In Kershow 1). Some destructive problems of internet addiction are ignoring relationships, not going to work, and increased weight gain. The truth is that there are more than enough facts out there to show that internet addiction is a huge addictive threat.

Some of the symptoms of internet addiction are much similar to a gambling addict. In a interview with Glenn Zachowski, he shared his ideas “A person who neglects their own care and appearance, neglects normal socialization, doesn’t want to attend public events. Their emotions are not free flowing. They are more bottled up and secluded from other individuals. This can be very helpful when trying to decide if a loved one has a problem. It is not an addiction if a person works from home on EBay and use it as a profitable business. But if someone sits there for hours bidding on random items while missing work and time with their family, then this is a problem. It depends if the people have control over what they are doing or if the Internet has control over them.

Internet gambling is on the rise among teens and pre-teens, according to gambling addiction experts and psychiatrists, who cite a mountain of anecdotal evidence and research on the phenomenon. According to new data being released by the National Annenberg Risk Survey of Youth “approximately 357,000 males between the age of 14 and 17, are gambling online at least once a month” (Donaldson-Evens 1). The trend can be attributed to a growing acceptance of ...

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