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Teenage Internet Dependency Essay

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Teenagers are too Dependent on the Internet

As the internet has become very popular among teenagers over the past few years, there have been many social impacts affecting the stakeholders of the issue. Teenagers use the internet for various reasons: to do research for homework or a project, to socialize with friends, and to keep up with the latest movies, music, and video games. The internet allows teens to be receptive to many resources that would not be available to them without the internet. Although some aspects of teens using the internet may be favorable and beneficial, many are causing laziness and under-developed social skills. The other stakeholders of the issue are the parents and teachers of these students. Parents are concerned that their children may be being stalked or predated and feel as if their children are becoming more distant from their family because of the significant amount they are spending on the internet. Teachers also must deal with their students having the resources to cheat by using the internet to give them the answers. The gro...

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