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Kamiyah Dinkins
ENG 101E
23 November 2013
The Internet in My Daily Life
The Internet plays a pretty big part in our life whether you believe it or not. How it affects you as an individual varies from person to person, but overall it exerts some type of influence over you. In Nicholas Carr’s article “Hal and Me”, he believes that over the past decades the internet has involuntarily altered his thinking process in a way that he can’t get back no matter how much he tries. The Internet is something that, once acted upon, changes your whole perspective on life. It consumes you. I feel it’s worse if you grew up without the Internet than being born into it. Your mind has already developed and your specific thinking process has already been established. Any outside force acting upon it is bound to change a few things around in there. The Internet alters daily lives in ways that some people don’t even see coming. They’re completely oblivious of the fact that our mind is changing every single day of Internet use. Not only has the Internet highly influenced my ever-changing thinking process, it has also affected the way...

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