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1. Internet

The internet has been a very important factor when it comes to integrated marketing communications. It has enabled people all over the world to access information and communicate easily. Using the internet has its pros and cons, to begin with you have a very large audience that can be targeted all over the world. The internet can be access at any time there are no opening and closing times like local businesses. Customers all over the world can access your website at any time and at a low cost. Having a website on the internet can allow you to see how many people have viewed your website and this will enable you to see your progress. (

Article on the comparison between Twitter and Facebook Facebook a social media launched in the year 2004 with over one billion users in the year 2012. Users are accessing their social media account using their mobile devices making it very easy to access it anywhere and everywhere. Facebook was formed by Mark Zuckerberg it was initially a social media website for himself and his friends to keep in touch and it expanded to other colleges and now is being used all over the world. Later in 2006 twitter was launched the only social media website that gave Facebook competition. Facebook and twitter both have their pros and cons. Facebook is mainly used by those who would like to re connect with old school mates keep in touch with family and friends on the other hand twitter not so much. Twitter ...

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