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With the expansion of technology, it is inevitable that the very tools which were intended to be utilized as a form of deliverance from everyday hindrances begin to cultivate new and unforeseen difficulties in the course of their usage. The most widely employed instrument of human innovation, the Internet, has brought about its own set of grievances, albeit few in number compared to that of its evident benefits. The history of the Internet, like many implements brought about by mankind, originated from a certain necessity (in this case, it originated in the 1980s from academics/scientists need for a more seamless communication and data transfer method than more traditional methods, such as via letters, etc.). In 1991, with the introduction of the World Wide Web by Swiss computer programmer named Tim Berners-Lee1, the Internet essentially evolved from the primitively simple data exchange from point A to point B, into a sophisticated and intricate “web” of information. Over the next two decades, through numerous advancements, the Internet has taken the shape of a vast tundra of data —a quantity of information so vast that knowledge itself has become scarce. To elaborat...

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