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Protection Information One Internet Security Topics Essay

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II.Protection of Information


a.state informational sources

b.citizen information (personal information)

c.development and producing of information systems

owner of information systems

copyrights and property rights

2.Computer systems and protection of information

a.problem of information protection aspects


3.Computer crimes



c."hackers" and "crackers"




Rapid development of automation processes and the penetration of the computers in all fields of life have lead to appearance of a range of peculiar problems. One of these problems is the necessity of providing effective protection to information and means of its processing.

A lot of ways to access information, considerable quantity of qualified specialists, vast use of special technical equipment in social production make it possible for violators practically at any moment and in any place carry out the actions, which represent a threat to information safety.

Particular role in this process has been played by appearance of personal computer (PC), which has made computers, software and other informational technologies available to general public. Wide distribution of PC and impossibility of conducting effective control of their use have resulted in the decreasing security level of information systems.

In the current situation, data processing has moved the problems of information security forward to the rank of most important problems of national economy. Solving the problem of poor information security presupposes a complex of measures. First of all, such actions of government as development of classification system, documentation of information and protection methods, data access regulations and punishing measures against information security violators.



a. State informational sources

Formation of state informational sources is carried out by citizens, state authorities, organizations and social unions. Documents, which belong to a person, can be included in the state structure of informational sources, of course, if the person wishes. State informational sources are open and generally available. Documented information with limited access is divided into st...

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