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Race Gender Cloaked Websites Essay

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Cloaked Websites
Assignment II

Cristian Rodriguez
Student ID: 821-274-057

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Naveen Joshi

November 09, 2014

Cloaked websites are deliberately disguised websites with a hidden agenda and published by individuals or groups who conceal their authorship (Daniels, 2012). Quite often is impossible to distinguish between a cloaked website and a grassroots published website because of how these websites are designed so alike. While grassroots websites serve a positive purpose, cloaked websites have been used in a negative way, with the purpose to generate a political propaganda and to attack specific individual or organizations. is a cloaked website that appears to be a grassroots-like website but in reality is used to attack and falsely accuse The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) for voter registration fraud (Daniels, 2012). This report will use this example to reveal how this particular cloaked website had a negative impact during the 2008 US Presidential Election. In addition another cloaked website with a hidden agenda that appears to be a tribute page to Dr. Martin Luther King but is actually intended to demoralize his legacy and promote the ambitions of white supremacy (Daniels, 2012). Furthermore, this report will then use as an example of how millions of dollars were spent in order to influence the public opinion against labour unions ( Cloaked websites have been used in most cases to negatively...

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