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Information technology at the present time is vast and progressive. It is being integrated to almost most of our daily activities. It is so progressive that one must always be informed and skilled to keep pace of the changing technology.

With this reality, many ideas and improvements are designed and developed to make computer technology attainable and flexible. People of all ages must be prepared and equipped with all the basic skills and knowledge to make individuals competent and literate in the information age.

There must be versatile information to be discussed and explored with to gain all interesting facts and brain stimulating activities that could benefit not only students in their academic world but also all folks from the various sectors of our society. Everyone should be innovative where information about different software in particular are rigidly taught and incorporated in their studies which are indeed beneficial to all students, professionals and even the less skilled workers.

In the light of all these changes, we must accept the reality that what is beneficial before may not be beneficial anymore today. Changes come and they come so rapidly that in a wink of an eye, another sets of new forms of development in the computer world is already at hand and the previous ones remain to be obsolete. That is how technology changes.

It was milestone for mankind when the first man had its first step on the moon. Such was a very great leap in the world of science and technology. But now, it becomes so ordinary to any household stories about man landing on the moon. What now is considered to be a milestone is the ever changing development, inventions and even discoveries about computer matters.

Computer is considered to be a necessity and not a luxury anymore. Anywhere we can find computers useful – in the offices, schools, hospitals, movie houses, recreational centers, malls, streets, entertainment venues, means of transportation, music centers, restaurants, bars, stores, food centers, government agencies and offices, etc., and in the house of every Filipino family.

Computer serves as mankind’s greatest development since its invention for all human activities depend mostly in the use of computers. Computers change, and they change rapidly. Computer models change very rapidly and go with them are the change in the programming system. In the 80s, the green screen monitor was a hit where a number of offices would use the Wordstar , Cobol, and others but now there are undeniably a huge number of programming systems which are available for use with just one click of a finger.

The changes in the system are so tremendous because of the varying needs of the program or systems that would fit the programming necessity of every user – student, small and big businesses, corporation, faculty, crew, employees and other groups of individuals. With the various kinds of nature of businesses all over the world, individual or separate kinds of computer programs are designed to satisfy the different needs of every business. A single proprietor business, like for instance a boutique with only the owner as the lone employee may need only a single personal computer in his office. The owner may put files which are very necessary but without much programming to design or develop. While on the other hand, a big business establishment, for example, a restaurant or a computer shop may eventually require a number of personal computers with corresponding program designed solely for that kind of business and for the users themselves.

It just goes to say that in every business set up, there is a varying and corresponding kind of programming system designed to best fit the need of the business itself. This is one reason why software developers keep on working hard to develop more new program designs and applications with many features incorporated as well as added functionalities so as to meet the growing and varying need of everyone.

In this research, the herein researchers would now like to delve on the features that could be added up in the set up of a business which is an internet café using the enterprise infrastructure software. Objectives of the study include the increase in income of the business, its productivity and efficiency as an internet business café. Another objective of the business in study is enhanced management with proper monitoring with all the business activity including also the enhancement of software security both for business owners and its clientele.

It is a very common business which may look easy to manage but the security matters and the business management as a whole shall be monitored depending on the kind of software the owners have to use. This herein researchers now want to delve with the possible features that may be in consonance with the nature of the business.

It is important that the software to be used must satisfy the flow of business activities, the set-up of the establishment so as to minimize expenses and maximize profit and to avoid incurring unnecessary expense add-ups.

With the development of many soft wares for the purpose of serving the various needs of many business establishment, the herein researchers would like to make a feasible study on the kinds of soft ware and its feature that could add up to the RAB 1 Café – Internet Café – an internet café business which is considered as one of the most prominent kind of industry in the local community. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY.

In her book, 1 Understanding Computers, Josefina Sto. Domingo emphasized that computers play a vital role in our lives and in fact computers are now an integral part of our daily lives. Many of our young people especially the students, find themselves catching up with technological advancements as a new world of interconnection and multi media rapidly approaches : a world that requires computer proficiency and know how with the coming of information age. Information overload and students were faced with too much information in computer technology and education, many of which are considered unnecessary and obsolete at the present time.

Domingo emphasized that students and professionals should be made aware of the changes in the software for their use in particular needs utilizing also modern learning. Students must be armed and equipped with all the tools and skills they need to function effectively in the information age – from understanding computer fundamentals to computer programming using other tools which are carefully selected and prepared and with direct and simplified language.

2 John Salac, in his book, Essentials of Computers stated that word processing did not develop out of computer technology. It evolved from the needs of writers rather than those of mathematicians. , only later merging with the computer field. The history of word processing is the story of gradual automation of the physical aspects of writing and editing and the refinement of the technology to make it available to individual and corporate users.

The most important advancement in word processing was the change from hard wired instructions built into the machinery to software on discs. When the programs were part of the equipment they were difficult to change and expensive to upgrade. Programs on discs could be updated more economically, since a rewritten program could be loaded into and used with the same hardware as the old one. Over the next ten years many new features were introduced in the filed. One important innovation was the development of spelling check and mailing list programs. Another advance, introduced by 3 Xerox in its Star Information System, allowed working on more than one document at a time on the same screen. Some programs now even incorporate bookkeeping and inventory functions, combining word processing with data processing and completing the marriage of the word processor to the computer. The combined field is known as information processing.

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