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Website Revamp Package Includes
Complete website overhaul. New look, catchy website that would open opportunities for a bigger market. Connect your site to a wide range of social media outlets. Package excludes paid premiums and hosting.

Lead Opportunities

Increase your opportunities by adding a chat system and inquiry form. Chat System
Basic Chat System
Advanced Paid Chat System
System Chat Administrator
System Chat Administrator
Can be integrated
Can be integrated
Can’t display site traffic
Able to display traffic
No site analysis
Able to analyze conversions

Can set welcome triggers or Invites

Alternative Basic Chat System

Facebook Integrated Chat System

CMS and Shopping Cart
Upgrade your site by integrating your CMS and add shopping cart for increasing revenue generation. CMS

Shopping Cart (Online Store)

Reduce overhead and stay open 24/7
Broaden your potential customer base across the globe
Easy inventory and store management
Set tax and shipping rules in shopping carts

Mobile Web...

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