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Internet Promotion Of Radiusite Essay

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In the name of Allah the most merciful, I am very grateful to complete this task as requested by Radiusite on 27 August 2012. Through this report, I have analyzed all the important elements to make sure Radiusite can improve the services. Thank you.


To investigate about the internet promotion of Radiusite and how the business need to be improve based on customer perception, advertising model and marketing method.


Radiusite is a shawl boutique that is opened since 2009 with two boutique in Shah Alam and Rawang. This company seem to operate more on their online shop and this report is prepared to present the analysis and suggestion on how to improve the company services.

Question A

There are many ways to promote Radiusite Boutique through internet. One of the method is by using online public relation. According to ( Public relations involves the cultivation of favourable relations for organizations and products with its key publics through the use of a variety of communications channels and tools. The tools available in traditional public relation (offline) and online public relation is different. For online public relation the tools used include social media, website, online press conference, article and e-mail marketing. The online public relation method that has been used by Radiusite Boutique is by promote the business through social media. The social media that has been used is facebook and Youtube. The customer can open the facebook page and click “like” to subscribe the latest information about Radiusite Boutique. The latest update from the company will be delivered to the customer as soon as they sign in to their facebook. This will directly promote the business through internet because customer also can interact with the company. Customer suggestion and comment can help the company to improve, other than that, give respond to the comment also can create a good relationship with customers. The company also use youtube as a method for their public relation. They provide video on how to use their product on youtube, this provide aids for the customers so they can be more understand and if they don’t, they can ask the through the comment. Youtube also shows the customers the actual looks of the product. The benefit is they can reach the customer easily without paying anything compare to use the promoter in traditional method. Radiusite is well known with their online boutique rather than two of their boutique in rawang and shah alam. This company used their official website as another tool to promote their product, the customers that visit facebook or youtube will be provided with the link to jump to the official website. This website provide the ordering form for the customer to make transaction, with this method the company can attain the customer detail like name, address, email and many more. This website also provide the customers with term & condition of the transaction that they will make. The information provided with the term and condition will make the customer more understand about the product and build good relation between the two parties because they can avoid miscommunication. For example, the term and condition has explain that the customer has to sent the copy of the receipt to Radiusite for the process of validation, if not the process will not be proceed. Other than social media and website, there are many other tools that can be used like online press conference, online newsletter, article marketing and e-mail. Firstly, I suggest to use online press conference, it is the method where the information is r...

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