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How Excessive Use Of The Internet Essay

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Pavey !1
Amy E. Pavey
Dr. Carter
FYS 101-11
2 October 2014
How Excessive Use of the Internet Makes Minds Incapable of Genius: The Analysis of Sherlock Holmes and Technology
Many differences can be spotted between BBC’s hit television series “Sherlock” and the original literary masterpieces written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; however the use of modern technology is debatably the most prominent. “The Scandal in Belgravia,” one of the show’s earlier episodes, is wholly centered around the use of technology. The plot consists of a woman, Irene Adler, trying to keep some mysterious pictures of her on a cell phone in her possession. Most of the episode involves Holmes trying to crack the password of Adler’s phone; however modern technology is utilized in many other ways. The internet is included, recording is involved, and texting is an often-used weapon. Why did the producers of the show add the element of modern technology? In his article, “A Modern Sherlock Holmes and the Technology of Deduction,” for the Smithsonian Institute, Jimmy Stamp brought up the point that a part of Sherlock Holmes’ genius is being able to weaponize whatever technology he has at his disposal. Perhaps the procurers wanted to shed light on what tools Holmes would use if placed in the 21st century. They state, “In our previous post on the tools that assist Sherlock Holmes in making his astounding deductions, we looked at the optical technologies of the 19th century. Holmes was at the cutting edge of science with his surprising and sometimes disconcerting use of these devices. In Victorian England, he was indeed the most modern o...

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