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Project Information

Project Title
Hotel Reservation Online Reservation System.
Prepared By

DD Technologies. (
Monday, February 14, 2011
Price and contact will be valid for 30 working days from the date of issue above. Order Received Date
February 10, 2011
Contact Person
(+233) 241764248
[email protected]


Pha Vinci
[email protected]

Please note that this is not a final quote, but only an estimate of the time and type of work involved in creating your desired site. DD tech will provide you with a precise quote after a more thorough information gathering process.

Client Information
Company Name
El Passo Hotels and Suites
Contact person
Almeed Rasheed AL Toumb
[email protected]

+233 – 24 789 1234
+233 – 24 781 1234

FAX Number
+233 – 24 781 1234

Street Address
10, Splinter road, Off Independence tunnel , Elizabeth Towers.

State or Country
Accra, Ghana.

About DD Technologies
DD Technologies is a private limited company, consisting of creative and multi-talented web designers and web developers. We provide the full web package including web design, web development, web application, web hosting and services. As a complete web solutions team, DD technologies offers customers-oriented web design services and delivers you creative and effective results.

The objective of this website is to provide your hotel with online reservation system so as to enable customers from other countries or within to be able to make bookings ad reserve rooms of their choice. Also, to facilitate the advertisement of your hotel as well as to increase profit and notifications to customers.

Site and Domain Names
Domain Name:
IP Address:
IP Location: Splinter road, Accra Ghana
Referral URL: http//
Name Server: NS10.LOCALDNS.COM
Name Server: NS10.LOCALDNS.COM
Updated on: 21/03/11
Created on: 14/03/11
Expiration Date: 16/03/13

Support Documents
Not Available
According to Client’s preference
According to Client’s preference
Company color scheme
According to Client’s preference
Company image and photo

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