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Distibuted System Uses In Facebook Internet Cloud Phone Network Essay

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According to the definition a distributed system is a collection of independent computers that appears to it’s user as a single coherent systems. To a facebook user it does appear as a single system on their monitor. Millions of user uses it at once. So it has multiple processing systems to handle the entire user. It takes less time to load their page. It may fall on the server side, but the user does not face any embarrassing situation because of it. It has a great fault tolerance system. It runs continuously without any kind of failure. It is a highly reliable system. This runs without failure. If for any reason it fails to operate, there is a backup system to keep it running. The system is also easy to maintain and repair. Day by day as the numbers of user are increasing, the server of facebook is also increasing their resources. By adding more processor and other resources makes it more strong and powerful. All the data of the user’s are distributed all over the world to their allocated server. All the data are also replicated. Replication not only increases availability,...

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