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Uses Of The Internet P1 Essay

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P2 – Uses of the Internet

Introduction – In this assignment I will be looking at the uses of the Internet. I will be showing how South Downs College, Amazon and Cooperative use the Internet. The topics I will be covering are Procurement, Research, Providing Information, Influencing Others, Promotion, Customer Service, Developing and Online Presence and Public Relations.

South Downs College – South Downs College use the Internet for Intranet and Extranet use. They use the Intranet for employees and students to communicate, access work, information and other data. The intranet is an internal website inside a website which allows people inside an organisation to access internal information within the business. South Downs College also has an extranet, which you can access like the Intranet from an outside computer. With the Extranet you can access everything that you can with Intranet only if you have the right login. The Extranet is exactly the same as the Intranet just that it is accessed from a different server. South Downs College also uses email which helps staff and students to exchange messages; it’s a fast reliable way to communicate. You can also attach videos or pictures which contribute to the popularity of email. Finally you can check whether or not the person you send the email to has read it or not by making sure you send a sent and read receipt.

Amazon – Amazon use the internet for anything to do with their staff such as working hours and days. They use the extranet to let customers access their private account by signing in with a username and password, this server is also secure but not within Amazon. They use email to contact suppliers and customers to arrange delivery dates.

Cooperative – Cooperative use the internet for home deliveries. They also have an intranet and extranet. They use the intranet for employee shift hours, delivery tickets, adverts for jobs, health and safety. They use the extranet to check their shifts hours from home. They would also use th...

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