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Thang Mao
Abraham Lincoln High School
Period 8
Date Lab 8-26-14
Date Lab 9-1-14
Partners ( i don't remmeber their names- Group 6)

LAB#1 Toy Car Story

What is the average speed of the toy car?
-The average speed of the toy car is 0.3375 m/s


To find the average speed of the toy car, we need to take the total distance of the toy car divided by the total time of the toy car. But we...

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-1 -14 -26 0.330 0.336 0.3375 0.338 0.339 0.340 0.342 0s 1 2 200cm 2m 3 4 5 5.85 5.88 5.9 5.91 5.96 6 6.06 8 9 abraham analysi averag batteri car chalk chang concept conclus curious d data date determin distanc divid easier end experi experiment find first found group help high lab like lincoln m m/s mao mark materi meter name need new partner period purpos purpose/question reach remmeb repeat report result school show solut speed start stick still stop stori take templat thang theoret time timer timer/stop total toy understand us use v v/6 watch web