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The Impact Of The Internet On Essay

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The Impact of the Internet on Children

Introduction & Background
With the advanced development computer technology, currently, the internet is prevalently spreading nearly everywhere in our life, work and study. In fact, the internet is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, the internet can help us to handle lots of complicated matters and make people broaden their horizons through the internet. However, according to the research, most of the people, especially lots of children, are influenced by the internet negatively in terms of time management, addiction to the online games, free pornographies and adult films, physical health and family relationships. Therefore, we must come up with some solutions which based on parental control and parental support to figure out these problems of the internet on children.

Specific negative impacts of the internet on children
One of the negative impacts of the internet on children is disrupting the time management in their normal life. As mentioned in the article “Internet parenting styles and the impact on Internet use of primary school children,” the authors Valcke, Bonte and Rots (2010) indicate that children cannot schedule time properly because of the internet disturbance. According to a sociological survey based on a group of questions given to some of Romanian parents (Muresan, Catalano & Bocos, 2010), 16.73% of the parents think their children spent lots of time on the internet, and less time on other outdoor activities, and even sometimes they did not do their homework and copied other children’s homework, instead. In fact, more and more children are psychologically over dependent on the internet because many people call current generation as “digital natives” or “net generation” (Prensky, 2001). Not surprisingly, many children have accessed to the internet when they are in childhoods. “More than 80% of family has at least one or two computers; even some children have their own computers” (Muresan 2010). Moreover, more than half of the parents think that the main purpose of the computer is surfing the internet for information and they take it for granted that children can access the internet. As a result, children spend more time on the internet, and less time on the other activities in recent years. As a matter of fact, it is a very common phenomenon that current generation is the first generation that experiences the world primarily by means of the internet. The second negative impact of...

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