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Music And The Internet A Essay

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Broad Topic: Technology and the Arts

Narrowed Topic: How has the internet changed the music in


"There's just a staggering amount of music to listen to. There are days where I don't know what to do," (Frere-Jones 2013) . It is undeniable that since the turn of the century the world has experienced an explosion of technological advancement propelled by the revolutionary emergence of the internet. The Internet has made unquantifiable amounts of content and information available to the billions entrenched in it’s far reaching web, not excluded from the content that has been made widely accessible by the internet, is music. The internet has left an indelible mark on music, from the music industry itself, to the way artists make and disseminate their music and especially in the way we the public consume music. While not discounting the negative impact the rise of online piracy has had on physical sales the internet from a holistic perspective has positively impacted the way music is produced and consumed

1. The internet’s prevalence has negatively impacted the sales revenues of the music industry but it has also coincided with the increase in revenues from legal digital downloads as well as live performances. A. The internet has paved the way for Wides...

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